Green talks about BYU's offense

BYU has lost two games in less than a week. It's been a rough ride for BYU fans across the country, knowing the talent level currently on the team. In the Boise State game, fans saw the Cougar offense struggle to sustain drives and score touchdowns, and when it comes to BYU's offense, that primarily starts at the quarterback position.

So what does BYU 2012 quarterback recruit Billy Green think of the situation with BYU's offense? Well, he believes the pieces are there but that puzzle has yet to come together.

"They have great athletes on that offense to be a great offense," said Green. "I think they just need to get everyone in sync and playing together. It's a big thing but it's something that I'm not worried about though, and I know they'll pull it together. Coach Doman is an awesome coach and Riley [Nelson] is tough and the receivers are great. It's just about getting everyone in sync and I think they'll get it together."

Nelson spoke to the media last Monday, stating there was no residual physical effects following a hit he took in the back during the Weber State game. However, after BYU's loss to Boise State, Coach Doman stated that he was indeed suffering with an injury.

Whether that was the root cause of Nelson's overall play and ultimately led to BYU's loss or not, Green is still looking forward to being a part of BYU's program.

"Oh yeah, I'm still so excited to get out there," he said. "I get so excited watching all the games on ESPN. I'm just so excited to get down there to BYU and nothing has wavered my decision to do so."

So what does BYU have to do in order to get back on track?

"I think the defense is there and there's no doubt about that. They basically put on a shutout on Boise State's offense last night," said Green. "Offensively they have the athletes and the coaches are great. They just got to get those players playing together and I think that's the key."

Following BYU's loss to Utah, Green spoke with Coach Doman.

"I spoke to Coach Doman and he said about Utah that their defensive line kind of got to them," Green said. "He said the d-line really got to them and that they didn't make some of the necessary adjustments. He thought they played well overall and it was good to see a comeback like that and do some of the things they needed to do."

BYU was able to avoid the shutout when true freshman quarterback Taysom Hill came in the game and rallied the Cougar offense with a 95-yard touchdown drive. Hill's efforts nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. When Green comes to BYU, Hill more than likely will be the starting quarterback.

"I thought he really did a great job coming into the fourth quarter there and leading the team like he did," said Green. "It's always a tough thing to do and I remember doing that when I was a sophomore.

"It's always a tough thing to do, coming in late, but he was able to come in and spark the offense and get a score late in the game. It's unfortunate he couldn't get that two-point conversion, but I thought he came in and played great under those circumstances."

So far Green has led King High School to a 3-0 record.

"We're a 1A school and we've taken out two of the number one 2A schools in the state, so we're playing up a little bit and it's awesome to see.

"In week one we won 42-39 on a last-second play. We drove down the field and won the game. In week two we had a little trip to Port Angeles and won 43-7 there. Then last week we played our archrival Archbishop Murphy at their place on Root Sports and it was a big game. We ended up winning 40-15, so it's been a really good season for us so far."

While BYU might not have enjoyed that same kind of success early in its season, Green is excited to get to Provo following this year and be a part of the Cougar offense.

"I can't wait to get down there," Green said. "I dream about it all the time and I'm excited and can't wait to get my opportunity. When I get that opportunity, I'm going to make the most of it and do all that I can to make BYU a great program."

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