Orphey impressed with BYU defense

BYU is a few plays away from being undefeated this season, and the defense has played so well that there is no reason why that shouldn't be the case. While the offense works to get it together, the defense has become a bright spot, and recruits are taking notice.

Santa Ana College cornerback Davion Orphey didn't get a chance to actually watch the BYU vs. Boise State game. He was attending class at the time, but was able to catch some of the highlights afterwards on ESPN.

"It looks like BYU's defense played an incredible game," Orphey said. "I thought Boise State's defense played good, but BYU's defense put on a show. As far as I know they pretty much pitched a shutout. Unfortunately, the play made by Boise State's defense is the one that won them the game."

Orphey has been in communication with BYU defensive back coach Nick Howell.

"I didn't talk to Coach Howell right after the loss but I'm sure I'll talk to him soon," Orphey said. "He did tell me he was going to come down and watch my game against Grossmont though."

Last Saturday, Santa Ana lost 34-31 to Grossmont in what was a tough game. Orphey turned in a solid performance, matching up against 6-foot-5-inch, 190-pound wide receiver Nicholas Kurts, who had six receptions for 51 yards. Orphey recorded six tackles (five solo), one tackle a loss, and one pass breakup.

"You know, my season is going pretty good," he said. "I kind of started off slow and I don't think I played that good my two first games, but my game against Moorpark was really good. I had a bunch of big hits and I hit a kid so hard it made him throw up and they took him out of the game …

"I had been watching film all week and I read it. Before he could turn around and make a move on me I just laid him out. He was laying on the ground for around 30 seconds throwing up.

"They took him out until the second half and then he came back in. The crazy thing is they ran the same play with him and I read it again, but this time I read the play even better, so I was going to come at him even harder. When he caught the same pass I hit him even harder and that's when he went out of the game."

Although he's committed to BYU, Orphey admits it's a bit tough wading through the recruiting period at this time with more colleges showing interest in him.

"It's hard, you know, being a teenager and having all these schools coming at you," said Orphey. "BYU is my only trip and the only school that I've seen coming out of California.

"I've built a strong relationship with them and I'm still representing everything BYU. I have the wristbands and I still have the shirts and BYU everything, so I'm still pretty strong right now."

Meanwhile, following the Boise State game, Orphey texted BYU cornerback Jordan Johnson to congratulate him on his dominating performance.

"Yeah, I did see him play and he did an awesome job," Orphey said. "I really like the way he plays and I texted him and told him that he had a great game. It's going to be something special playing with him, with him being aggressive and me being aggressive on the other side. We'll be like SEC corners out there on that defense together."

Orphey also likes what he has seen from all of BYU's other defenders.

"You know, what I like about BYU's defense is that they're always fired up," said Orphey. "When they make a play they get really fired up and show a lot of excitement out there. I like stuff like that. When I make a play I get like that and get all fired up, so seeing the guys get like that on BYU's defense gets me excited to play there. I can see myself coming in and fitting right in."

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