Mathews hoping to play against Oregon State

With Dallin Cutler not able to go as the number two z-receiver, Mitch Mathews was informed by Coach Cahoon to be ready to go in and possibly play at some point during the Oregon State game. If and when he does, he'll be lined up against an old friend of his he knew from back home in Oregon.

Tall 6-foot-6-inch wide receiver Mitch Mathews hasn't seen any playing time this season, as he's been nursing an injury.

"I was hurt at the beginning of the year and had broke my collarbone and then I reinjured it during fall camp," said Mathews. "I've had talks with Coach Cahoon to see what I need to do to get on the field and to see where I need to be. They let me know that I need to be ready to come in and be ready for this next game against Oregon State."

Mathews got the big news during a recent conversation with his position coach.

"I went up and talked to Coach Cahoon for our usual talk that we have," Mathews said. "I just wanted to know what I needed to do to get better. He always gives me points and says, ‘Mitch, this is what you need to work on, and this is what we need you to work on.' So, this time when I went to go talk to him he said, ‘Mitch, you've made improvements on the things that I've given you to work on. I told you specific things before and you went out and fixed those things. You've gotten better and you're healthy.' So, he said, ‘This week we're calling your name to come into the game, and so be ready.'"

Prior to his injury, Dallin Cutler was the number two receiver behind Ross Apo at the z-receiver position.

"Dallin Cutler is still hurt, so he won't be able to go, so there's been a little shift on who's playing and who's going where," said Mathews. "There's been a little shift in who's playing and who's going where, so some are learning a little bit in a new position for some receivers. They don't really say much more and have just said for everyone to be prepared."

So how does Mathews feel about the possible opportunity of getting his first chance to play college football against a top-10 team?

"I'm thinking I'm ready to go and I'm hungry," Mathews said. "I feel like my old self and again and I'm hungry to play. My confidence is up and I feel ready to make a statement. I feel like my old self again like I was when I was starting fall camp. I feel fast and good and I'm ready to go out and play."

Mathews hopes he'll be able to see the field for a couple of reasons.

"I just think it would be sweet to be able to play out there in LaVell Edwards Stadium with those uniforms," said Mathews, referring to BYU's special black uniforms that will only be used this Saturday. "I think that would just be awesome. Another reason I would love to see the field is because I have some friends on [Oregon State's] team, and so it would be a lot of fun to look back on that. It would make my first game, after coming back from my injury, in those black uniforms and at home against my buddies, would be nothing better."

Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer (6 feet, 190 pounds) will be lining across from the z-receiver. He'll primarily face Ross Apo, but if Mathews gets the opportunity to play, he'll face his old friend.

"Well, Oregon is where I'm from and I have some friends on the team and there are guys on that team that I played against in the state championship," said Mathews. "They're playing there now, and so being able to come in and make a difference there would be nothing better.

"Oregon State's cornerback Jordan Poyer, number 14, we were kind of like high school rivals because he was really good in football and in baseball. He's a starter and definitely a very good athlete. He's their field side cornerback and he would be the one that I would go up against if I get a chance to play."

Poyer is considered one of the best athletes on the Beaver roster and is a two-sport athlete for Oregon State.

"In high school he was one of the best players, and at Oregon State he not only plays cornerback but he's also a punt returner too," said Mathews. "So, like I said, he's one of their best athletes on the team and he also plays baseball for Oregon State too. He's quick and fast and he's a really good player, so to go up against him again would be fun."

The other players that Mathews knows are ones he won't face on the field.

"Then there's one of their receivers that I know, Micah Hatfield. He's my age and we played together in the state championship. We would go to the same combines together in high school and we had the same speed trainer. We were always together and he's a good athlete. I hope to see him on the field.

"Then there is Jack Loma, who is a backup quarterback, and I don't know what his status is right now, but I know he is a backup quarterback on the team. That's most of the guys that I really know, so it would be a lot of fun to be able to play this weekend and they're all really good guys. I'm excited to see them again."

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