Scott Collie chat transcript 10/11/12

Read the transcript from last Thursday's chat with Scott Collie.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Your thoughts on the receiver play the first 6 games and the offense in general.
[ReceiverTech] Receiver play???? Hmmm. WE have receivers?
[jeddparkinson] Touché. Sounds like we're seeing the same thing.
[CMuehle] are you suggesting the QB should throw to the receivers rather than run the ball?
[ReceiverTech] Why would a receiver who has sucked on BYU Blue for years and even had sons go to BYU to be a receiver suggest that we throw the ball more? My question is why would a QB at BYU want to be known as a running QB? I don't know too many NFL scouts inside the draft room suggest they need to select a solid fullback who can maybe throw.
[ReceiverTech] I believe the draft room conversation goes like, we need a kid who can throw the ball down the field and give us a chance to be productive. Who cares about winning, how about just be productive.

[jeddparkinson] So why do you think we're seeing this? O-line struggles? Lack of confidence in the QBs? Receivers? Bizarre offensive strategy?
[ReceiverTech] I don't know. It is painful to watch.

[CMuehle] what do you think of hill as a throwing qb when he did throw?
[ReceiverTech] He looks like he can throw, but we haven't really thrown the ball down field. We have, but not enough by my standards.
[CMuehle] not by too many byu fan's standards imo

[cougar] Update on Austin?
[ReceiverTech] He is doing great. the surgery went great. He has begun rehab. Best part of this obstacle, he will erase any doubts on his concussion issue.

[jeddparkinson] Next question (from a subscriber): The offense has been terrible but is this the best BYU defense you have seen?
[ReceiverTech] The defense is incredible. All positions. They are not thinking they are just playing and making plays.

[ReceiverTech] Here is a question for your youngest kids at home. When Wr #17 comes into the game )Skyler Ridley) will we run or pass?
[CMuehle] what's odd is that doman specifically said he was going to try to make it hard for defenses to know what we are going to do based on personnel
[jeddparkinson] That Ridley tip sounds what we used to see when #85 used to come into the game (Zac)
[CMuehle] or holt
[ReceiverTech] Samething when Zac played. When he was in they ran. Then Todd Watkins came in and we threw. That was Anae, I would hate to think Brandon picked that up from prior OC.

[jaymiller] is austin going to be able to play again this season?
[ReceiverTech] No he is on IR this year.
[jaymiller] sorry to hear that
[ReceiverTech] appreciate the kind words.

[jaymiller] Brandon is making me think Anae was brilliant
[ReceiverTech] No I still take Brandon

[CMuehle] not trying to put you on the spot, but if you were the OC right now, what 2 or 3 things would you do differently?
[ReceiverTech] Let's get back to what made BYU BYU. Throw the ball.
[jaymiller] you are preaching to the choir :)

[jaymiller] why did the throws to the tight ends drop off so much?
[jaymiller] friel looked set to become a force
[ReceiverTech] He was targeted quite a bit last game.
[wildroot62] Friel's absence was only felt during BSU and Hawaii games where the game plan was to run run run. He has had 6, 4, 5, and 5 receptions in the games other than those two. He is fine.

[CMuehle] you think doman is too worried about putting his QB in 3rd and long?
[ReceiverTech] I am not seeing any creativity in the routes. I see an out, I see the quick slant, I see the 9. Lets expose the DB's by running crossing routes with multiple receivers. Lets run some digs, comebacks.

[CMuehle] is there time to run crossing routes? i wonder if doman has lost any confidence in the ability of the line to buy time
[ReceiverTech] Worried about putting them in third and long. How about worried they may not complete the game. I get the fact that these guys are warriors with true grit and they are really brave running into LBers, but that doesn't get me wins when their shoulder is jacked and they can't throw an out in the 3rd qtr. I don't know that it is Brandon, because I think the QB's may read LBers falling into coverage so they take the open and run. But knock it off already. You got WRs working their rear off and RBs that are better runners, let those guys do their job.

[jeddparkinson] Did you notice a difference in the routes after Hill took over? Has Brandon dumbed down the offense because Hill doesn't know everything yet?
[ReceiverTech] I don't think he has, I saw Riley running all the time as well.
[ReceiverTech] No reason to dumb down, Taysom is a smart kid.
[ReceiverTech] Just throw the ball and then running game will open. How bout at least get the ball to Jamaal and let that kid do work. He is not allowed to get into rhythm because it appears we are building self esteem and letting everyone play. That way no one gets their feelings hurt. Why do you take your play makers off the field? Why do we rotate WRs? keep your best guys on the field. It almost appears some like coming out. Get mad and demand the ball.

[jeddparkinson] Do you expect that Nelson's injury and the inexcusable injury to Taysom will dramatically reduce (or eliminate) the QB draws?
[ReceiverTech] You hear everyone talking about how gritty our QBs are. Is that really what we want to be known as? The toughest guy on BYUs offense is the QB? Come on Offense.
[ReceiverTech] I understood Taysom to miss the signal from the sideline. I am not putting that on the coaches.
[CMuehle] true....but the problem was it was his 19th carry
[ReceiverTech] Now that is a different argument. But I have been spewing that all chat.

[ReceiverTech] you guys are soft tonite.
[CMuehle] not enough grit?
[ReceiverTech] Could this be the result of expectations not being met?
[ReceiverTech] ESPN is loving all the fire power.
[CMuehle] i'm sure they are
[jeddparkinson] Yeah, no doubt
[CMuehle] like watching a 1975 big 10 game
[ReceiverTech] Heck they cut into the BYU game to televise the last 2 outs of a no hitter for a team on the east coast. I don't even think the pitcher was a Mormon. That is not good.
[CMuehle] seriously
[ReceiverTech] That tells me the director was saying the same thing we are. This sucks put me out of my misery and lets watch baseball.
[CMuehle] Well, that was the blowout against Hawaii wasn't it?

[fox11] Ziggy Power
[jeddparkinson] Ziggy Ansah was a back-up until Manu got injured a few weeks ago. Now he's flying up NFL draft boards. What is his ceiling? 1st rounder? The next Julius Peppers?
[ReceiverTech] the kid can play.
[jeddparkinson] I love Manu, but part of me is happy he's out for the year so Ziggy gets more PT and Manu gets a med RS and can play next year.

[fox11] If nelson stinks does Lark now get the secound half?
[ReceiverTech] What constitutes stinking?
[fox11] If we don't move the ball
[ReceiverTech] I believe these QBs are looking to run first. Even when they get flushed they aren't looking down field to make play they are looking to show grit. Peyton Manning is a gritty player.
[CMuehle] i agree, but isn't it at least partly doman's job to change that tendency?
[ReceiverTech] Do we know that he isnt.
[CMuehle] hall and detmer were pretty gritty too i thought
[ReceiverTech] What winning QB anywhere gets thrilled to tell people he ran for 100's and was 5 -17 for 26 yds? Heck if anything audible out of the freaking run and throw it. How about that for a change up?
[ReceiverTech] Max thought he was runner, but understood he was a better thrower.
[CMuehle] max took some hellacious hits in the pocket and bounced up again
[jeddparkinson] Max was one tough SOB

[jeddparkinson] On a brighter note, this seems to be the most speed and talent we've had in a while (esp on defense). Which guys can play at the next level in your opinion?
[ReceiverTech] I don't know the names of the defense well enough. I would leave someone out. I am sure Ziggy, I think the Lbers will all get shots whether they are drafted or Free agents. I haven't seen enough of the WR to determine. Nobody is changing the game. Cody made plays last week going up to get ball.

[cougar] How does Dylan like his first year and does new mission age affect him?
[ReceiverTech] Dylan has his papers in and we are waiting to hear. He is having a good time.

[BlueFunk96] I'm not seeing the explosiveness and athleticism I expected to see out of Apo. Is it a question of the QB's not being able (or willing) to get the ball to him, or is he not progressing as quickly as expected?
[ReceiverTech] What do you mean he caught an out last week? Who knows, he is non-existent apparently. He is what they call a non-factor. Why, I couldn't tell you.
[jaymiller] I think part of it is that he is on the other side from Hoff, who was Riley's roomy - while heaps and Ross were chums. Riley is not the best at checking down his receivers

[CMuehle] i liked the pick play for the td agaisnt hawaii, apo was wide open on that one
[jeddparkinson] Yeah, seems like we've run that play once this year Casey
[CMuehle] well, it's the only time i remember
[ReceiverTech] We picked the DB's from Hawaii.
[jaymiller] yeah, we used to do that all the time :) it was accidental of course :) you cross receivers while in man coverage and poop happens, I mean it is crowded in there. Well keep up the good work, bbl.
[jeddparkinson] Spoken like a former player, Jay :)
[ReceiverTech] is that the Jay Miller Former BYU receiver who had like 22 catches in a game?
[jeddparkinson] That is the rumor
[ReceiverTech] Jay helped to recruit me out of Bellarmine.

[CMuehle] how about rollout? i agree the QBs are running too much, but would you cut back on rollout to minimize the risk
[ReceiverTech] Roll out then throw the ball

[BlueFunk96] Maybe I missed it, but I never played organized football, so I don't have the experience to be able to assess this: Is Doman showing progress as a play caller, and is he too hampered in what he can do by injuries and other physical limitations?
[ReceiverTech] No replacement for experience. He needs to be more aggressive.
[ReceiverTech] He is getting that.
[BlueFunk96] "more aggressive" meaning throw the ball down the freaking field?
[jeddparkinson] Yeah, Scott talked about throwing downfield more before you joined.
[BlueFunk96] Cool. I'll read what I missed tomorrow. Thanks, Scott.

[jeddparkinson] OK, looks like our time is up with Scott. We'll have him back again soon. Thanks as always for the insights and direct answers, Scott. Good stuff.
[ReceiverTech] My pleasure. I hope it gets better.

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