Recruits attend BYU homecoming

There were quite a few recruits on BYU's campus last weekend to watch a blacked out BYU team face Oregon State. For some, this was the first time they experienced a Cougar home game in LaVell Edwards Stadium, and although the Cougars weren't able to pull out the win, the experience was enjoyed by all.

Safety Dallin Leavitt was there with fellow Oregonians Tanner Shipley and Brayden Kearsley. Washington quarterback Billy Green was also in attendance, along with local product Keegan Hicks and Idaho standout JonRyheem Peoples.

"Before the game I hung out with Brayden, Tanner Shipley, Billy and Keegan," said Leavitt. "JonRyheem was there too, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. We were over eating barbeque before the game at a tailgating party. Coach Howell and Coach Doman and pretty much all the coaches came over before the game, and just said hi to us really quickly and thanked us for coming to the game. They were just being the good guys that they are."

The recruits got a chance to see BYU run out of the tunnel donning new black uniforms for the first time in Cougar history.

"Those black uniforms were so tight!" Leavitt said. "Everyone from back home was texting me saying, ‘Those are so crazy!' I was like, ‘Yeah, I'm excited for next year to get some of those Nike uniforms.'"

Although the Cougars weren't able to pull out the victory, the future Cougars got a chance to experience what game day at BYU is like.

"It was really good and I love BYU, and, well, I'm going there for a reason," said Leavitt. "I thought the offense did well for the most part and was able to drive down the field against Oregon State, even though they had some execution mistakes. Overall I thought the offense looked better against Oregon State than they had in previous games.

"It was really just the last four minutes of the game that it kind of got away from them. That tip pass that held them to a field goal, and then Oregon State scored, so that put them down. Then they had that tipped pass that their tight end caught in the end zone. Then they had that one-hop pass that Jordan Poyer had for a touchdown. It was pretty tough to overcome all of those things and it just didn't go BYU's way. After that you could kind of feel the air go out of the stadium."

And the defense? Well, the Cougar defenders didn't perform to the level of their previous outings. It was an uncharacteristic performance that Leavitt noticed right away.

"The defensive backfield had some struggles and it almost looked like some kind of communication errors," said Leavitt. "They just didn't come ready to play, and I've seen BYU's defense play multiple times this season and that was not a BYU defense. It's alright though, they'll get past it and move on from here hopefully. Hopefully they can get a win at Notre Dame and that would change their season."

Leavitt enjoyed the game time experience at BYU, but what about Shipley, who has publically stated that he has opened up his recruitment after having given the Cougars a verbal commitment?

"I think Tanner liked it," said Leavitt. "I mean, I know he loves BYU. It's just the fact that he wants to play wide receiver, and I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes, but he's definitely one of the best wide receivers in the Northwest. You have to have him play wide receiver if you want to bring him there.

"I know Tanner wants to come to BYU, but the thing is he needs to know if he's going to play wide receiver. If he's going to come, they need to tell him he can play wideout."

BYU has been looking at Shipley as a defensive prospect.

"They recruited him after the camp as a DB," said Leavitt. "He's just a freaking phenomenal athlete, so they recruited him as a DB. He was just like, ‘Look, I like DB, but I would rather play wideout.' It would be like BYU telling me that I have to play running back, and I don't want to play running back. I want to play DB."

Shipley wasn't able to be reached for comment, but apparently the recruits had a very good time soaking up the game atmosphere at BYU.

"I thought the atmosphere was great and I thought the crowd really showed up to support," said Leavitt. "There's no alcohol there and so it was a good atmosphere. I thought the crowd got really loud when they needed to, like on third downs. I thought it was great and I know all the guys had a good time too."

Total Blue Sports will continue to try and reach Shipley for his comments on his first ever BYU home game experience.

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