Masina gets second offer

Brighton High School athlete Osa Masina has received his second offer, this one from BYU. The sophomore two-way star has an older brother that is currently committed to Utah, but Osa wants to take his time before making a final decision.

At just over 6 feet 4 inches and 195 pounds, Osa Masina plays various positions for Brighton High School's football team.

On offense he plays wildcat quarterback and running back. On defense he plays inside linebacker.

"I just try and play everywhere I can to help the team out when I can," Masina said.

He currently has two offers on the table.

"I've received offers from Utah and BYU," Masina said. "I went down to Utah a couple of weeks ago with my mom and dad. Coach Whittingham offered me and Jay Hill was there and it was really exciting. They didn't really say a specific position. They want me for my athleticism and could use me anywhere right now."

A week later, Masina went down to BYU with his mother to attend a Cougar practice. Coach Mendenhall met with him and offered him a scholarship.

"We talked about where he sees me playing, and he either wants me at running back or linebacker," said Masina. "He talked about if I wanted to go to BYU and about my standards and where he sees me later in life. It was a lot of fun for me and my mom and the rest of my family."

And what position would he prefer to play in college?

"A lot of colleges have asked me this, but I can't give them a direct answer," Masina said. "I think either inside linebacker or running back."

Osa's older brother Uaea was also offered by both BYU and Utah, but chose to commit to Utah in the end. With his brother committing to Utah, that might give Utah the edge for Osa's services.

"I love Utah and I kind of grew up a Utah boy more than a BYU kind of guy," Osa said. "Then Uaea committed there and so I kind of had the urge to commit to them right then and there. I also thought it would be kind of fun to play against my brother on the rival team and play for BYU. I kind of thought about that too.

"I really like how BYU practices and the facilities and trainers. I like a lot of the same things at Utah and love both of them. It's going to be hard to make a decision."

Osa said that Uaea hasn't really talked much about the younger brother's options.

Osa has, however, talked with a different family member about his decision.

"I sat down and talked with my mom and we kind of looked at both schools to see what they could offer outside of football," he said. "I like Utah a lot but I also like what BYU has to offer. It's going to be a tough choice and I'm going to weigh things and wait it out a little while.

"I want to weigh the pros and cons and just let thing play out a little bit. That way I can make a better decision. I haven't really put a whole lot of thought into it yet because I'm still a sophomore. I think what it might come down to between these two schools is who is going to treat me better and the quality of education I can get for my future. I think that's probably what it will come down to."

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