Trammell commits to BYU

BYU has picked up its second top cornerback prospect out of the California junior college ranks. Considered a shutdown cornerback for Community College of San Francisco, Trenton Trammell will bring his speed and cover skills to BYU's secondary.

After thinking about it for a bit, Community College of San Francisco cornerback Trenton Trammell decided to make it official.

"I committed to BYU last week," Trammell said. "I committed like last Thursday or Friday. I just couldn't turn BYU down and just felt like that was the best place for me to be. I just felt like it was the best place for me and great opportunity for my family."

His mother Melinda, who accompanied him on his visit to BYU two weeks ago, had a major influence on him.

"Oh, she played a big part in my decision," Trammell said. "I wanted to make her happy and she was very impressed with BYU. She said she had never seen anything like it, and even though I have some other options, she didn't think there was anything better. I agreed with her and told her that BYU is where I wanted to be at."

BYU's environment, education, moral expectations, and an opportunity to play early were hard to turn down.

"When I decided to make my commitment, I sent Coach Howell a message that I was coming and that I would be there for next spring," said Trammell. "He was really excited, I could tell. He had been recruiting me for a while, and now I [told him] that I'm coming.

"He was preparing for Notre Dame, and so he said, ‘Man, we're really excited and we can't wait to get you up there.' I just don't think there are many colleges like BYU around, so I'm pretty excited to get out there and be a part of that program."

Trammell watched as BYU played No. 5 Notre Dame down to the wire last Saturday.

"Yeah, we should have won that game against Notre Dame," said Trammell with excitement in his voice. "Man, I think we should really have won all of our games except for maybe one, and that was against Oregon State. We should really be 6-1. Other than that game, I think we definitely should have won every other game and that includes Notre Dame. Once we can get comfortable with that offense, I think we will win those games."

Trammell was supposed to visit UTEP and Utah while waiting on other college programs to offer him. However, in the end he felt the wait wasn't worth it.

"Yeah, I had some other colleges that I was going to go check out that were recruiting me, but I didn't know if that's where my heart was," Trammell said. "I just thought BYU was perfect and it just felt right. I was just kind of waiting and waiting, and so I just felt like it was the right time to commit to BYU and not worry about the other colleges."

Trammell will graduate in December and expects to enroll early to learn Coach Mendenhall's defense as soon as possible for the 2013 season.

"Yeah, I expect to be out there in January and be a part of next season's spring ball," Trammell said. "I'm excited to get out there and be a part of that program and that defense. I'm going to be the best cornerback to ever come out there to BYU."

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