Hill's recovery going better than expected

Speedy freshman quarterback Taysom Hill returned back from Pocatello, Idaho on Tuesday after visiting with his family. It's been two weeks since he had surgery on a knee injured against Utah State, but what was discovered during the surgery was nothing short of a miracle.

Taysom Hill's season-ending injury against Utah State was particularly devastating given that he got hurt on a running play when the offense should have instead been taking a knee.

However, there is some good news regarding his recovery.

"Taysom is exactly a week out of surgery last Tuesday," said Coach Doman. "It was a successful surgery and a lot better off than we originally thought going in, so we're pretty happy with the outcome.

"We were worried about other things that we were concerned might have been damaged and weren't. So, I think the recovery will happen much faster and the stability will be much stronger than we originally thought it would be. It's a real blessing."

In a previous interview, Coach Doman had said, "I sure hope there are do-overs in heaven," because he was shaken by the results of the injury. However, the results of Hill's surgery have surely been a relief for everyone involved, and he should be back in action at just the right time.

"Oh yeah, yeah he'll be back for spring ball," said a somber but smiling Coach Doman. "I can't really talk about the injury, but there were some things in there that we were worried about that showed up in some of the MRI that we were worried about."

But something doesn't add up here. If the extent of the injury was a cause for great worry, how is it that Hill will be back for spring ball? Shaking his head, a little smile cracked on the face of Coach Doman. Then in a reverent voice, he explained.

"Things showed up in the MRI that we were really worried about," Coach Doman said with humility. "Then in the surgery those things weren't there. What was seen in the MRI wasn't what was seen during the surgery. So, you can thank whoever you want to thank for that. But for me, I'm going to thank heaven."

Quickly his brow frowned over glossed eyes. It was visibly clear how grateful Coach Doman was in that moment, without him saying another word. His prayers had been answered. He got his do-over from heaven.

Since the surgery, Doman has been in contact with Hill.

"I've had some personal time with him, absolutely," Coach Doman said, smiling even wider. "He's doing fine. We had him take a week off and go back home to Pocatello to be with his family. He came back [Tuesday] and he's here now. I'm just really grateful for that."

Of course, Hill will still have to go through rehab.

"He's two weeks down right now, and so when he comes in he gets some rehab stuff in, but I don't think he gets to do some real rehab stuff for a little while," said Coach Doman. "He's got to get caught up in school and then he'll get the rehab stuff going in a month or so. Once the surgery, and all that stuff wears down, the healing process will happen really quick.

"I would suspect, just doing the math, I'm sure he'll be running around in winter stuff. He won't be going full speed in all the winter conditioning, but by the time we get done I'm sure he'll be full speed. I'm talking January, February, he'll be moving around, and then by the end of February he'll be back to full speed. We have a lot to be grateful for."

Heading into spring camp, Hill should be the frontrunner for starting quarterback position.

"Well, he's the guy that has the reps. I mean, he's been the guy that's been in games and will have started two and a half games of playing time," said Coach Doman. "My goodness, he's only a sophomore [next year], but, as far as game experience, he'll be the guy with game experience.

"And then Ammon [Olsen], I think, has started six games at Southern Utah University, so he's played in a college environment," said Coach Doman. "Then Jason [Munns] has only been in games towards the end, so as far as experience we're a little short but we're not short on talent. I think we'll be okay. Again, I'm just grateful for a lot of things and it's a real blessing."

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