Weichers credits Coach Cahoon for his success

Bingham High School wide receiver Hayden Weichers has had a very good season despite playing on a team that primarily runs the ball. He gave credit for his success to his future position coach, Ben Cahoon.

Hayden Weichers is currently in the midst of his senior season of high school football.

"I think our season has gone well this year even though we've had two losses this season," Weichers said. "We lost to Alta and Lone Peak by a combined score of five points."

Bingham High School exacted some revenge last Friday on Fremont after losing to the Wolf Pack 27-20 last year. The Miners soundly defeated Fremont 38-0 with a victory mostly set up through the ground game.

"We are a running team so I don't see the ball a lot," Weichers said. "When I do get the ball I try and make the most of it and make big plays for my brothers."

"We are a running team mostly," said running back coach Iloa Vakapuna. "That doesn't mean we don't have talent at the wide receiver position, which we do. Hayden Weichers is a real talent and can fly. I mean, that kid can run downfield like nobody's business."

Because Bingham uses a run-based offense, Weichers hasn't had the type of stats college fans might want to see from a future Division I wide receiver. He's made the most of his opportunities while doing the little things that will eventually help him become successful in a passing offense.

"I do a lot of blocking, a lot of blocking," Weichers said with a smile. "When we do run you have to still go out every single play and play hard. That way the defense never knows if it's a run play or a passing play, and you can either be a good decoy or actually go out for a pass. You can set up the DB so when you actually do go out for a pass you can go over the top with good play action and get it up over the top. But you have to also be a well-rounded player and know how to block in the run game as well, and that's what I'm doing."

It can be tough getting recognized as a potential Division I receiver while playing on a high school team that primarily runs the ball. Weichers credits his BYU scholarship offer to one coach: BYU receiver coach Ben Cahoon.

"I would credit it to Coach Cahoon. I mean, I love him to death," said Weichers. "One day down at seven-on-seven I tore it up when I was going to be a junior here at Bingham. One day I just tore it up and he said, ‘Hey, keep it up!' and kind of noticed me. He asked me where I played and I said Bingham. He said, ‘Oh, a running team,' and I was like, ‘Yup.'

"The next year I had a really good season for my junior year and had over 700 yards receiving even though we are a running team. I then went down to BYU for another seven-on-seven and tore it up. Then I went down to a Junior Day and tore it up again and got lucky and received the offer. I just throw out all the credit to Coach Cahoon."

So how does a high school receiver develop when his offense's success comes upon the legs of running backs?

"Lots of film and getting used to watching film and asking Coach Cahoon lots of questions," said Weichers. "A lot of what I've done this year is based on things he's told me, things like setting up the DBs and playing in a way that when I get to a more throwing offense, I'll be able to just step right in and go."

"Even though Hayden is a wide receiver, he does a great job in helping our ground game," said Coach Vakapuna. "He's someone that has to be accounted for and if they slip up in coverage he's a threat to take it to the house. It's just that simple."

Weichers has taken a very active approach to learning as much as he can from Coach Cahoon.

"I ask him questions all the time," Weichers said. "If I have a question I'll call him up, or I'll email him or hit him up on Facebook. I'll ask him the question and he'll answer it. He'll tell me word for word what I need to do. Then I take that and do it, so his answers to my questions have really helped me this year."

Coach Cahoon isn't the only BYU coach that Weichers is close to.

"I feel like I have a great relationship to all the coaches at BYU," Weichers said. "I don't talk to them all but I always say hi to them. Me, Coach Doman, Cahoon and Coach DuPaix I feel are really close. I talk to those guys mostly but they're all really good people and I feel like I'm really close to all of them. I went down there during a practice and I was able to talk to a lot of the coaches. It was just a lot of fun, and we were able to joke around and really build that relationship with the coaches and players down there."

So far this season, Weichers has caught 35 passes for a total of 641 yards, although he doesn't seem to be too focused with his stats.

"I don't know what my stats are, but my dad told me that I broke the school record for the overall receiving," Weichers said with a smile. "I just know I broke the school record of total receiving yards but I don't know what the exact number is."

It's not a bad feat given the type of offense that Bingham runs. It will be fun to watch what Coach Cahoon can do with him at BYU.

"I can't wait to get there and find out," Weichers said with a smile.

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