Best friends, different sports

They play two different sports, but that hasn't kept them from becoming best of friends off the field. Outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy and forward Brandon Davies have forged a strong friendship through life-growing experiences.

Adversity brings opportunity for growth. And when it comes to Brandon Davies and Kyle Van Noy, the adversities they've experienced have brought the two together as close friends.

"Brandon and me are best friends and I think we became best friends by going through some same circumstances," said Van Noy. "We've gone through some similar adversities. We have a close relationship, and I love Brandon like a brother."

"Me and Kyle are great friends," said Davies with a smile. "We've been through a lot together and are always hanging out together.

"We have a lot of similarities, and we've been through some similar things, and we just kind of clicked."

According to Van Noy, Davies has quite the charitable side. He said that if there were only a few people left on earth, and Davies was the only one with food, he would give it away rather than keep it for himself.

"He's that type of kid and it's cool," said Van Noy. "You want to surround yourself with kids like him."

But there's more to this uncommon bond that has brought the two Cougar athletes together.

"We have a lot of similarities," said Van Noy. "It's cool to see. You know, we go back and forth clowning on each other. I mean, he has a big heart."

"He's a funny guy. He's a goofball," Davies said with a laugh. "Not many guys get to see the real side of Kyle like I do."

However, on the football field, Van Noy has admitted to switching off that fun-loving side from time to time. A few teams have been the recipient of that side of him.

"I would say a couple of teams have – guys up north have probably because it's such an intense game, but I'm really mellow and probably the same here as I am on the field," said Van Noy. "I'm just happy to be out there.

"I have family members at home and teammates in high school that say, ‘Hey, I wish I was in your shoes.' I actually take that to heart. I have to live this rollercoaster to the best of my ability and not take anything for granted and try help people understand that this is a fun thing to do but it's also hard work to get to."

When Van Noy isn't sacking opponents on the football field, and Davies isn't dunking in the low post, the two often spend a lot of free time talking about sports.

"Ever since being here our friendship has grown," Davies said. "He's always someone I can talk to, and he talks to me about football. I don't know much but it's nice to have someone to talk to once in a while."

"A lot of nights, I've watched him shoot baskets over and over and over, so he's worked really hard to where he's going to be very successful because he's put in so much hard work in the offseason," Van Noy said. "It was like, ‘Wow! I'm not good at what I do. I need to step up my game.'"

While Van Noy has watched his friend shoot hoops, Davies has watched BYU's football practices from time to time. So has Van Noy ever showed Davies how to bring a linebacker mentality to the court?

"No, I've played pickup ball with him but nothing crazy," Van Noy said. "I just told him to be a little more serious Brandon instead of the goofy kid that he is. I think it's going to show on the court this year. He's going to dominate games."

This Friday the Cougar men's basketball team opens up the season against Tennessee State. Davies will go up against 6-foot-9-inch, 215-pound senior forward Robert Covington, who is considered a real NBA prospect.

"He's a great player. You know, we're just going to play how we play," said Davies. "You know, defensively we're a good defensive team. We're a help defensive team, so it just works into our strengths to help each other out.

"We've all watched film and getting real familiar with what he likes to do. He's going to be hard to stop but we're confident in our team defense. It's going to be a fun matchup and it's going to come down to whoever has the better team."

As Davies and the Cougars play this Friday, Van Noy will be there to support his best friend.

"I think he's excited for Friday," said Van Noy. "I think he's happy because he's worked so hard."

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