Washington lineman hoping for BYU offer

A Washington two-way lineman from Skyview High School was recently visited by coaches from Oregon and BYU. He was one of the standout prospects at a Barton camp held in June and is happy to be on BYU's radar.

Willie Eteaki is a strong and compact player. Having just finished up his junior year – Skyview High School lost in the playoffs to Newport High School – Eteaki played on both sides of the ball.

"I play both on the offensive line and the defensive line for my high school this year," said Eteaki. "As an offensive lineman, I can move well for my size and I'm pretty strong and squatted 425 last year. I can block really well and keep my feet moving. For defensive line, I can control the gap and make big plays."

Over the course of the season, he's received some recruiting attention.

"I've been getting letters from Oregon and their offensive line coach came down to our school to meet me," Etiaki said. "Also, [Portland State] is looking at me, and Utah. Utah has been looking at me as well."

Utah is currently keeping in touch with Etiaki when possible.

"Yeah, they're showing interest and just sending me a lot of letters and just keeping in touch with me throughout the season and stuff like that," Eteaki said. "That's about it right now."

BYU is also showing interest in Eteaki.

"Coach Popping came down here to my school," Eteaki said. "He said that they were really interested and that they've been watching film on me. He said for me to keep up the good work and to keep my grades up."

Eteaki was excited to learn that BYU was showing signs of interest.

"I was really happy and liked the fact that BYU came out to learn more about me," said Eteaki. "I'm Mormon and have a lot of family go there. They've been talking to me for a while and I was supposed to go to a camp, but I was still in school at that time and couldn't make it. I just want to feed on what Coach Poppinga said because it's very encouraging and will help me to play at the next level. It's just very encouraging for me."

Throughout this past season, BYU's defense has raised quite a few eyebrows with its dominating performances. It's something that hasn't gone unnoticed by Eteaki either.

"Oh man, that defense is good!" Eteaki said. "They have one of the best defenses. I mean, it's a lot of fun watching BYU's defense play the way they do because they dominate. That's a defense that I would like to be a part of."

Eteaki is hoping that his performance as a defensive and offensive lineman will translate to some Division I offers.

"I haven't received any offers yet, but if I could choose a school to get an offer from it would be from BYU or Oregon," Eteaki said. "BYU has always been my number one college since I was little."

He is also considering serving a mission.

"It's still up there but I'm not quite 100 percent sure yet," he said. "I'm still thinking about it."

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