California lineman to visit BYU

The Cougar coaching staff is out in force looking for some fresh blood to come help fill in the ranks across the offensive line, and have seemingly found someone who fits the bill.

College of the Canyons offensive lineman Lloyd Tunstill (6 feet 4 inches and 300 pounds) has blipped on the BYU Cougar radar.

"I have trips coming up to Brigham Young University on December 7th. I also have a trip to take to Florida International University. I also have planned trips to Fresno State and Nevada as well."

When asked to describe what he does well on the football field, Tunstill listed all the right things college football fans love to hear.

"The great things that I do well on the field is pass protection and great footwork," Tunstill said. "I'm more technically sound with pass blocking and run blocking and enjoy both. I'm very efficient in both and I'm hard working. I play left tackle, left guard, right guard or right tackle. I can play any of those positions.

"With tackle, I came into College of the Canyons as a tackle and it really is more of a finesse game. I've only played against a few defensive ends that were bold enough to approach the game with the mentality of trying to beat me down and then say, ‘I'm going to get to the quarterback.' At guard you have to go into it with a different mindset. You're almost in the box and you have to help out your tackle. Really the main thing is you really have to be nasty. You have to be a nasty player and you have a different mindset. You almost have to like playing because you do take more shots than the tackle."

A sophomore, Tunstill will graduate in May of 2013. He currently has one offer, which is from Florida International.

"A lot of schools have shown interest too with offering scholarships, but they want me to take visits first and I'm okay with that. I'm patient and doing that right now."

In the meantime, he is looking forward to experiencing the BYU atmosphere.

"I really do enjoy BYU and I'm non-LDS but there are a lot of LDS players on my team," Tunstill said. "Coach [Garett] Tujague went to BYU and I have a great relationship with him, especially my sophomore season. He's been a great mentor and great coach to me. I really do enjoy BYU and it seems like a really good culture where I could fit in. They're strictly disciplined, which I think can help me as a person and player."

Tunstill attended a small religious high school, so he's already accustomed to the expectations that come with such an education.

"Really, when I went to L.A. Baptist, it was a small individual mindset," he said. "Not only just spiritually, but also from my personal standpoint. I was the only black kid in my class, which was kind of different. When I talked to the [BYU] coaches yesterday, they told me, ‘Lloyd, when you come here you will be one of only a few black kids here. It will be different for you because there won't be as many black kids here. There's mostly Caucasian kids here.' I told the coaches, ‘That's something that I've dealt with for four years in high school, so that's something that won't be an issue for me.' I can blend well as a student there and I won't have any problems discipline-wise with the moral codes or honor codes or anything like that. I see a connection between BYU and my high school, but just on a larger scale with more passion for football."

So what does Tunstill expect to find when he finally steps foot on the BYU campus?

"I'm really not sure," he said. "I am looking forward to meeting people that really are kind and people who really do care. You know, go to a place where people really do want to meet you. I've been told by players on my team that they're very friendly and very compassionate and caring. I expect a culture that's compassionate really.

"Students there attend the largest private institution in the nation, so I expect to see an upper level of class from everyone. I'm excited to see that. I'm excited to meet Coach Mendenhall and the whole staff. I'm excited to see an upgrade in the practice facilities and indoor practice facilities and things like that."

He's also hoping to find a piece of paper with his name on it stating he's been offered a full-ride scholarship.

"Well, I'm very new to the process," Tunstill said. "I did meet a lot of coaches that have told me that it is a good sign that they want me to come out there for a visit. I've been told it's a good sign to meet the offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach and offensive line coach. It's going to be great to get to know them and for them to know me before an offer is even made. I want them to get to know me completely and feel comfortable with me before an offer."

In the past when recruits have made an effort to fly out to BYU, an offer has generally been extended, and Tunstill is aware of that fact.

"I've been told of that, and I'm praying to God that good things will come of this," he said. "I don't see myself flying out there for something like this not to happen. It's exciting and I'm just trusting in God."

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