Weichers shocked by Andersen decision

Bingham High School wide receiver Hayden Weichers committed to play for Coach Gary Andersen after receiving some reassuring words that he wouldn't leave Utah State's program for another gig. However, after a 41-15 pounding of Toledo in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Coach Andersen's tune has changed.

The coach that wooed Bingham High School wide receiver Hayden Weichers away from BYU is now reportedly off to the land of cheese to coach the Badgers of Wisconsin. The decision by Coach Andersen came at a surprise to Weichers.

"I'm shocked!" said Weichers, who sounded disappointed about the news. "It makes it hard when Gary Andersen had told me all this stuff and got me out to head on up to play for him. Now he's off to coach for Wisconsin, so it's a big letdown and kind of something he said he wasn't going to do."

He said he hasn't tried to reach back out to the coaches of BYU, who are currently preparing to face San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl.

"They're a day away from playing in their bowl game, so I don't want to bother them, just let them go play," said Weichers. "I don't really know what my plans are right now. I'm definitely going to try and get a hold of Coach Andersen and talk to him and then go from there."

At one time Weichers had committed to play football at BYU, but, after some persuasion from Coach Andersen, he chose the option to play early his first year rather than wait on a scholarship following a two-year LDS mission.

"I told them that it was just the opportunity to play as a freshman, and that was an option BYU didn't have for me," Weichers said. "It was after my mission that BYU would have a scholarship for me, but I would still have to wait half a year. It was big for me to be able to have one right away, and he has three boys playing for Utah State, so that was kind of reassuring that he wouldn't leave. Now Coach Andersen is gone!"

Sophomore tight end Keegan Andersen is the son of Coach Andersen, as are Logan High School twins Chasen Andersen and Caden Andersen, who have committed to play for Utah State.

"They were going to go up to Utah State in January and start school," Weichers said of the twins. "He told me that the position was open, and if I could impress him anyway, that I would get a lot of playing time, and that his boys were in the program, so why would [he] leave? It was kind of reassuring."

If Coach Andersen had told him that there was a possibility that he might leave for another job, Weichers would have made a different decision in the end.

"I wouldn't have gone," he said.

Weichers said he will now wait and see who will be the next head coach at Utah State. Regardless of who is chosen, his decision to commit to the Aggie program based on Andersen's words has sort of left him with no other option.

"If they hire [USU's quarterback coach/offensive coordinator] Coach Wells, he's a great coach too," said Weichers. "So, it's possible that they could hire Coach Wells and I've talked with him a couple of times. He's just a great guy, so if he's the head coach, then I'll probably stay because I don't want to shake things up."

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