Cougars get their man

After having first committed to play football at BYU, cornerback Trenton Trammell put Cougar fans on pins and needles with a trip to New Mexico. His commitment to BYU then became a soft commit as the first day for junior college players to sign loomed around the corner. On Wednesday Cougar fans learned that the initial commitment Trammell made to BYU was followed through.

There was a see-saw battle for cornerback Trenton Trammell's services for a moment there, but in the end he decided to stick with his commitment to BYU.

"Well, I feel relieved," Trammell said. "I feel relieved and excited now that it's all over and done with. I know BYU is going to be a little different than other schools, but I'm excited for the challenge. It's a big decision, but I'm up for the challenge.

"When I was up there they basically made me feel like I was at home. Like when I was up there for my trip, it basically just felt like I was home. It was cool and I felt like I could go there."

Trammell signed his letter of intent on Wednesday.

"Yeah, I just signed it and called Coach Howell to let him know that I signed my BYU LOI," said Trammell. "He was pretty excited about that and fired up. He was excited and can't wait to get me out there. I'll mail it in tomorrow morning."

Trammell's decision to stay with his original commitment to BYU came about largely because of his relationship with his future position coach.

"It really came down to BYU and New Mexico, and my decision to go with BYU pretty much came down to Coach Howell," Trammell said. "He had been with me throughout this whole process, and I really established a great relationship with Coach Howell over the year he had been recruiting me. That's pretty much what it came down to, and it was basically the place where I felt the most comfortable at."

In the end, it came down to trust.

"I just felt like I could trust Coach Howell, and I got that sense from him during the time he was recruiting me," Trammell said. "That's another reason why I felt I should go to BYU. I didn't really feel I could trust the New Mexico coaches as much. Like, I felt like they were just telling me anything to get me there. I wasn't really feeling that."

Meanwhile, Trammell's parents also liked what BYU has to offer.

"Yeah, I talked to my parents about it," Trammell said. "They felt that the reason why BYU would be my best choice, being an African American non-LDS person, [was because] a BYU degree was the best choice for my life later on down the line. They liked the choice as well and everything that comes with BYU. BYU has a great vast communications department, and that's what my major is. They've got a better degree and their broadcasting department is nice. That was one of my favorite things about BYU. It was nice."

With boundary corner Preston Hadley graduating after this year, the 5-foot-11-inch, 186-pound Trammell will have the opportunity to fight for a starting spot for next season.

"Coach Howell told me that I can come in and compete right away on the opposite side of Jordan [Johnson]," Trammell said. "I'm going to come in there and make some noise. I just feel like I have a great relationship with Coach Howell and he's going to coach me up.

"So, I'll compete for the boundary side corner position and also compete for returning punts as well. Yeah, I want the rock in my hand and get a few [touchdowns] in there. I've got a few moves on me, and when I get the ball I get up out here."

Now that Trammell has his sights squarely on BYU, his next goal is to come in on January 7 and participate in spring camp and be one of the best that Cougar fans have ever seen.

"Well, hopefully I can come in and be the best cornerback BYU's defense has ever had," Trammell said. "I want to come in and shut that side of the field down. I know BYU is losing quite a few defensive players, but to be considered to come in and be a part of that top-rated defense is a great compliment. I plan on coming in and living up to it."

Trammell's big decision – and the great news for BYU – comes the day before BYU will play San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl.

"I think BYU will win it," Trammell said. "San Diego has a good team but I think BYU is going to win that game. BYU's defense will keep their offense in the game, and San Diego won't be able to score as many points. It should be a good game, but BYU will win that game."

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