Laufasa moving on

Bothell High School running back Darrin Laufasa had committed to play football for BYU over the summer. The 6-foot-1-inch, 225-pound 14-rated fullback nationally has severed ties with the Cougars of BYU and is now looking at two other college options on the table. Laufasa has one trip set up and hopes to have another set up soon.

When Darrin Laufasa was offered a scholarship by BYU, he was informed of the high academic standards needed in order to maintain the offer.

"During the summer when they looked at my transcripts, they told me that I wouldn't have any problems getting in," Laufasa said. "Prior to the season I guess that was the case, but now they told me that they would have a problem getting me in."

Apparently, Laufasa's academic standing has changed, giving the coaches at BYU pause.

"Now they told me that they would have a hard time getting me into BYU after the season," Laufasa said. "What they told me was they would have a hard time getting me in. They said that I wouldn't be able to get in because BYU is a prestigious school and you have to have those high academic standards. I guess that's the difference now. They said that in order for me to get in I would have to get a really high ACT score. That's when I decided to go and look for another school."

Knowing his BYU option was no longer on the table, Laufasa was disappointed. It's a situation he takes full responsibility for and has now moved on.

"At first it kind of bummed me out a little bit because BYU is such a great program," Laufasa said. "I then and went and prayed about things and that's when I started to feel better and things began to open up a little bit. BYU is such a great school and program, I was a little bummed that I wasn't going to be a part of it, but now I'm feeling a lot better since other schools have been showing interest in me. I feel more comfortable with where I'm at now."

Despite no longer having the BYU offer, Laufasa does have options.

"Idaho and UTEP are the schools that are showing me the interest at this point in time," Laufasa said. "Both schools have offered me. I have an official visit to Idaho set up next week and then I'll have one for UTEP probably the week after. There have been some other schools looking at me now, but those are the two main schools that are showing the most interest in me and calling me now."

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