Carter talks about BYU visit

Eastern Arizona College offensive lineman Josh Carter came to BYU with no scholarship offer in hand. He had a great time touring the campus, and by the time he left BYU's campus, he had committed to Coach Mendenhall to be a Cougar.

It all started Friday when Josh Carter and his parents arrived in Provo, Utah for his official visit to BYU.

"When we got in, we ate some food and did some orientation according to some academics," said Carter. "We did that pretty much the first day, and talked about the logistics of what it means to come play there at BYU and what is required."

Then on Friday night, he got to be in attendance as BYU's men's volleyball team got a huge win.

"Later that night we went to a volleyball game and my host was Mitch Mathews, and we went out with Marcus Mathews and another recruit that was with him," said Carter. "We had a great time watching BYU's volleyball team win that game. BYU beat the number one team in the country, UC Irvine."

Afterwards, Carter got to hang out with some of Mitch's friends.

"Instead of going out and partying like what happens at other places, we went over to some of his friends' home and played some board games," said Carter. "It was a lot of fun and something I thought was great. I really enjoyed it and something I had a lot more fun doing. You know, I know what other schools do when recruiting and I was happy that we did that. The next day is when we really started to have some fun."

The following day, Carter went on campus and saw more of what BYU has to offer.

"We went in and got to talk about all the facilities and all the opportunities that we'll have and all the things that we'll be able to take part in," Carter said. "They gave us some numbers the program has had over the past couple of years. We got to see some of the locker rooms and cool stuff like that."

Then the big 6-foot-5-inch, 280-pound lineman received word that Coach Mendenhall wanted to speak with him.

"We were about to go eat lunch and a coach came up to me and told me that Coach Mendenhall wanted to see me," Carter said. "So, me and my parents stopped and ate at the Legends Grill. After that we went up to Coach Mendenhall's office."

Last Thursday, Carter awoke nervous and asked for a blessing from his institute teacher prior to leaving for his official visit on Friday. He knew then that he would soon be sitting across from Coach Mendenhall. All butterflies aside, that time was now here.

"After that we went to Coach Mendenhall's office and sat down and talked to him," Carter said. "It was really a different experience than I expected. We didn't really talk much about football. We talked more about being a representative of truth, honor and virtue and being a flag-bearer and what the entails. He used The Book of Mormon, obviously, as what it means to be a BYU Cougar. After my mom and dad stopped crying, he handed me a scholarship offer and explained to me what it all entails.

"Once he offered me he asked me if I wanted some time, but I didn't need any time and I committed to him right there. I told him that this is what I wanted and told him that I had prayed about it before and received confirmation before I walked into his office. So, I committed to him right there and he explained to me what a commitment means. We were both on the same page as far as that goes."

With an offer in hand, Carter felt on top of the world.

"I was on cloud nine after leaving Coach Mendenhall's office," said Carter. "First I just got my offer and committed to BYU, so I was just feeling great after coming out of Coach Mendenhall's office. I had just committed to play for the most unique college football program in the nation! It was just great knowing that I'll be able to represent Jesus Christ and go out and play football out on the field.

"Then after that I went to go ride the snowmobiles, which I have never done before. That was a lot of fun and I didn't hit a tree but I did fall off though. I was the first one to fall off and hit the snow but it wasn't too bad. It was a lot like riding a jet ski and those things are pretty powerful. We were going 50 miles an hour and it was a lot of fun."

Carter's group of recruits included Trajan Pili, Addison Pulispher, Auston Johnson, Pita Taumoepenu from Timpview and Quincy Awe-Dubose from Oxnard, California. While the snowmobiles were part of the trip's highlight, there was one experience that topped it all.

"The biggest highlight was sitting with Coach Mendenhall in his office," said Carter. "It was easily the best part of my trip. After that I would say it was when we went snowmobiling, but sitting in Coach Mendenhall's office was an awesome experience! He's a good man and overall the experience was much more than I expected."

The position Carter will compete for is at either center or right tackle.

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