Fakailoantonga learns a lesson

Sometimes lessons are learned as the expense of personal benefits. It's a lesson that Cottonwood High School tight end Siale Fakailoantonga learned after placing all his eggs in one basket, only to have that option removed from him.

Although Siale Fakailoantonga didn't have a UCLA offer, he was hoping that he could join the Bruin football program. That all came crashing down with a coaching change.

"The coach from UCLA that was recruiting me left to Washington, so after he left I didn't have a scholarship to UCLA," said Fakailoantonga.

After learning that UCLA didn't have a scholarship for him, and that BYU extended his scholarship offer to another prospect, he committed to the only college with a scholarship still available: the University of Utah.

"I committed to Utah about a month ago," he said. "BYU probably felt that I wasn't really interested, but after the UCLA situation BYU was probably one of the top schools that I wanted to go to. I wanted to play with Inoke [Lotulelei]. I don't know, BYU was probably iffy about my situation so they probably just gave my scholarship away."

Knowing that the option of going to BYU was no longer viable, Fakailoantonga was a little disappointed.

"Yeah, I mean, it definitely taught me a lesson, for sure," he said. "I know it was my decision to wait, but I learned a lesson not to wait and pass up opportunitites."

Fakailoantonga is still undecided if he'll serve a two-year LDS mission or not. As for now, he is committed to Utah with no other option left on the table. He could technically still go and serve a mission and have his recruitment open back up 18 months into his service.

"I don't know, I'm still thinking about that right now and think about that every day," Fakailoantonga said. "I haven't made a decision to go serve a mission. I don't know how I would feel about committing to Utah, then decommitting, then committing to them again only to decommit after serving a mission. I don't really know about that, but serving a mission is something that I think about."

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