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BYU has offered a scholarship to a familiar Cougar name. On Wednesday, Texas receiver Trey Dye was offered a full-ride scholarship to follow in the footsteps of his father by playing football at BYU.

When Trey Dye got home from school on Wednesday, he called up Coach Atuaia to speak with BYU's new running back coach. He had no idea the conversation would turn out to be a special moment for him.

"I was offered by BYU [Wednesday] and I was really surprised it happened," said an excited Trey. "I just thought he was going to check in on me and let me know how the recruiting process goes. Then he was talking to me and goes, ‘On behalf of the program…,' then he offered me a scholarship. I just had a big grin on my face and was really happy."

As Trey began to hear the words ‘On behalf of the program,' his excitement and enthusiasm began to grow.

"I was in a loss for words when I heard Coach Atuaia say he was offering me," said Trey. "I was just so happy and had been waiting so long to hear those words. I grew up around the program just because of my dad of course, and also going to games with my friends. It was a good feeling and the first scholarship I wanted. This is the one I wanted.

The scholarship offer even took his father James Dye by surprise.

"I was taken back and thought we were just going to talk about the recruiting process," said James. "My wife, Trey and I just sat down and Markie just came out swinging the big bat. We all welled up and became teary-eyed. It was just a blessing and Markie told Trey to think about it and pray about it. You know, he told Trey, ‘Pray about it and get that council from your Father in Heaven to make sure that you are ready to embark on this mutual relationship, because a relationship with BYU is a relationship of reciprocity. Once you commit to us, we commit to you.'"

Trey wanted an offer from BYU for a variety of reasons, including spiritual ones.

"It's just my faith, you know?" Dye said. "I want to serve a mission. BYU is where I need to be and it's where my heart is at. I've grown up in Utah and I'm a Utah boy and I bleed blue."

In fact, Trey nearly committed the instant he was offered.

"When I was being offered, at first I wanted to commit on the spot," Dye said. "I was really excited and happy. But talking to Coach Atuaia, I just decided that it would be a good idea to think about it and pray about it, think about it and let it sit a little bit. I'll call Coach on Friday and we'll talk a little bit about it among other things."

After his conversation with Coach Atuaia, Trey had a personal and private moment with his father. James gave his son some heartfelt fatherly council and further expounded to him what opportunities and blessings had just been laid before him.

"It wasn't on my back that he got this scholarship offer and it was something that he earned on his own," said James. "I just told him, ‘Look son, this is because of you. You know, we opened the door but you kept it open and pushed through. You still have work to do like we've all said, but this is faith and a testament of blessing that you've been given by your Father in Heaven for the talents you have. And this isn't just a blessing to do something you love, but to bless your posterity, your family further in life. So, make sure you ponder and pray upon it to know if this is what you want to do and move forward.'"

Interestingly enough, James played alongside Atuaia at BYU during the 1990s.

"Yeah, my mom and dad were showing me pictures of them together," said Trey. "I was like, ‘You played together?' and he was like, ‘Yes.' I think it's cool that [Atuaia's] the one that ended up offering me the scholarship."

For James, BYU is a place that holds reverent and sacred connotation. His entire life was changed by his simple decision to attend the university.

"I have the life now because of my BYU experience," said James. "It led me to the path that I walk now. I am not a perfect man but I am so much more a man of God because of the path the Lord had laid before my feet and shown me. It's led me to my wife and my children and my relationship with my Father in Heaven and the happiness that I have now. There's no other way of saying it. I'm honored to have my son be recruited by my alma mater, knowing what blessings I've received having gone there.

"Whatever my son decides to do, I support him, but I told my son, ‘There is nothing more special than standing in that stadium with that Y in the middle of the field with those mountains behind you. Then you have the faithful congregated around you, believing that anything can happen as they cheer and support you to make it happen. That alone is enough to give you goose bumps. There is nothing like being on a stage where the weight of all the faithful is on your shoulders as they wait for you do something that will lead them to victory. You can't pick a better place.' I love the symmetry, I love the imagery and I love the pageantry and that's what you get. I hope and pray for that for my son."

While Trey didn't commit to Coach Atuaia on the phone, he has given thought to how he might commit.

"I was thinking that I would wait until Junior Day just so I could talk to Coach Mendenhall in person," said Dye. "That way I possibly make my decision then. That way it's much more personal and would help build a much more meaningful relationship with them. It would be more meaningful if I could do things face to face rather than just doing it over the phone."

Long before he was officially offered, Trey had often thought of donning a BYU jersey with the number six on the back. Running out of the Cougar tunnel with the same number that his father wore would be special for him.

"Oh yeah, that's something that I've dreamed about for a long time," said Trey. "I even hear about that from fans and friends saying, ‘What do you think about going to BYU wearing number six on your jersey just like your father did?' That would be an incredible experience, to be honest with you."

For now, Trey is going to take a prayerful approach to the path that's been laid before him.

"I'm going to keep my options open for now," he said. "BYU is definitely up there but I'll wait a little bit. I'll talk to my parents about it and pray about it. We'll definitely see how everything goes, but BYU is definitely up there."

Something tells me that the same path his father once walked will be followed by his son. Time will tell.

"I won't disappoint," said Trey.

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