Mike taking his time

BYU is recruiting some top linemen around the country. One such recruit is offensive lineman Andrew Mike, who is taking his time as the recruiting process wears on.

Although Andrew Mike is a big-time offensive lineman prospect from Sabino High School, football has taken a back seat now that the season is over. In fact, he just finished up playing basketball.

"We went a little under .500 and just missed the playoffs, but it was a lot of fun playing with my friends," Mike said. "Basketball is good because it helps a lot with football and things like that. As for me, I did pretty well but could have done better with some shooting. Overall, I did alright."

At 6 feet 7 inches, Mike could have been a monster around the rim with Blake Griffin-style dunks. But, he claims his shot is more in the Kareem Adbul-Jabbar mold.

"No, I'm more the ‘hook shot here and there' type player," he said. "I would only average around four points a game, but I got a lot of rebounds."

Next on the sports list for Mike is track and field.

"I'm going to compete in the shot put and disc," he said. "This year I've really gotten a lot better with my strength and hopefully I can throw a lot further. Hopefully next year I can compete in state, but right now it's just a way for me to keep active."

As far as football recruiting goes, Mike mentioned that things are going well.

"BYU is treating me good and Coach Tidwell came down to watch one of our games during the season," Mike said. "That was really cool. He keeps in touch with me when he can and he'll send me a written letter every week about how they're doing and asking me questions and things like that. It's really cool."

Mike has developed a great relationship with Coach Tidwell.

"He does a great job and I really like Coach Tidwell," said Mike. "He comes out to our school about every two months and checks in on me. I've been able to have conversations with him about football and basketball and other things that aren't related to sports. It's been great and it's really cool the kind of relationship that we have."

Despite have some quality offers on the table, the recruiting situation hasn't been too hectic for Mike. BYU was the third college to extend a scholarship offer to Mike, with Arizona and Arizona State being the first two. He's also received offers from Utah, Washington, Cal and Penn State.

Mike actually knows Coach Anae from back when he was with Arizona.

"Coach Anae was here at U of A and we met for the first time at one of their camps," said Mike. "I really like him. He's a fast-pace-type offensive mind and he really knows what he's talking about. He's the one that recruited me at Arizona when he was there."

In fact, Coach Anae was partly responsible for offering Mike.

"Yeah, he and Arizona's head coach [Rich Rodriguez] were the ones that offered me a scholarship," said Mike. "Our team went to a seven-on-seven big man camp that they have over there, and at the lineman challenge I won the MVP of the one-on-ones. I went up to their office and we talked for about 15 minutes and that's when they offered."

At the time, Coach Anae was the offensive line coach at Arizona. Now he is once again the offensive coordinator at BYU, so the tune Coach Anae is singing has changed.

"He was recruiting me to Arizona but now it's more what BYU has to offer and what's different about the program," said Mike.

Mike believes that Anae will help get BYU's offense back on track.

"I think Coach Anae is a great addition to their staff and to me it's just better," said Mike. "Having him there will hopefully change their offensive game for the better, so they can be more explosive and can better help their top-rated defense by scoring some points. I think Coach Anae will help with that."

Mike has been out to BYU's campus. In fact, he came out to Provo with good friend and fellow Sabino High School teammate Matt Bushman. The two have talked about playing together at the next level.

"Yeah we talk about it from time to time," Mike said. "We haven't really decided yet what school that will be, if it's possible. We'll see how things go."

When it comes to colleges, there are a few qualities Mike is looking for.

"I'm looking at the academics and football side of a program," Mike said. "I want to be proud when I put on that jersey every Saturday. I definitely want the chance to compete for a national championship or a big bowl game. I also want to be in an environment that is friendly."

When it comes to BYU, Mike feels there are some very appealing qualities found at the university.

"A positive side of BYU would definitely be their football program, and they're one of the best and they continue to rise up every year," said Mike. "Their academics are above a lot of schools and that's appealing. I hung out down there in Provo and ate out every night when I was down there, and I think it's a really good environment down there."

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