BYU offers 2013 defensive tackle

Just when BYU fans the Cougar coaches had all but wrapped up the 2013 class, there is still one more prospect the staff wants to sign. On Tuesday, BYU extended an offer to a 6-foot-3-inch, 265-pound defensive tackle as part of the 2013 recruiting class.

Last week Tomasi Laulile passed the ACT as a late qualifier. The 6-3, 265-pound defensive tackle from Westlake High School in Southern California was just offered by Coach Mendenhall.

"I was offered a scholarship today by BYU," said Laulile on Tuesday. "I'm really excited about that. I just feel great and I'm really happy with how things are going. I'm really happy about that."

Laulile flew out to Provo on Monday for an official visit to BYU. On his first day he was hosted by Bronson Kaufusi. His second day on BYU's campus began early Tuesday morning when he met up with Bronson's father, and position coach, Steve Kaufusi for a tour of BYU's campus.

"I woke up early this morning to go watch a couple of the workouts, and Coach Kaufusi showed me around the school and everything," said Laulile. "Then he told me that he wanted me to have a meeting with Coach Mendenhall. I was pretty excited after that."

While on tour of BYU's campus, Laulile got to know BYU's defensive line coach a little better. In fact, he hinted that he will commit to BYU and learn from Kaufusi.

"He's a great coach and I can really relate to him on different levels," Laulile said. "A lot of players said he really helps them out and that he's a really good coach. I'm looking forward to being coached by him."

After spending time with Coach Kaufusi, Laulile went up and visited with Coach Mendenhall in his office. That was when he was informed by BYU's head coach that he was being offered a BYU scholarship.

"He's a really good coach and just told everything about the school and what to expect," Laulile said. "He talked about how great of a school BYU is and how great it is education-wise. BYU has a really good business school and it's one of the better programs in the country. That's what I want to major in is business.

"He told me that he really wanted me there at BYU and that they were offering me a scholarship. He said he wanted me to come in and compete my freshman year. I'm feeling good right now. They sent the actual scholarship paper to my house, so I have to go check my mail to see if it got there. I was kind of expecting it because they said they were going to offer me before, but they said they wanted to make sure that I passed the ACT. When I did, that's when they said they were going to offer me."

After receiving word that he was being offered by BYU, and that the official paper was sent to his home, an excited Laulile called his family back in California to inform them of the news.

"I let my family know that I was offered a scholarship," Laulile said. "I was talking about it with my brothers and sisters and my dad told me to take the scholarship and just sign it now and go to BYU."

However, Laulile didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall in his office. He's going to return home and discuss it more with his family before making a final decision.

"I have to go back to California and talk about it with my family more," he said. "I'll be heading back tomorrow and then I'll make a decision. It feels good to be offered by a school like BYU. BYU is a great college and it's been great being here on my visit. To get that offer by them is really exciting for me."

Once he returns home, Laulile doesn't think it will take long before he makes a final decision. With BYU being his only offer (Fresno State, UNLV and Ohio are showing interest), that decision shouldn't take long.

"Yeah, pretty soon," he said. "I just need to go back home and finalize everything."

But before he comes to BYU, Laulile has to do one thing. He'll have to cut his hair, which drapes down over his shoulders.

"It's alright though because I was planning on cutting it for college anyways, so I don't mind cutting my hair because I was going to do that."

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