BYU gets wide receiver Trey Dye

On Friday, Texas wide receiver Trey Dye committed to BYU and will continue a legacy started long ago. In a phone conversation with new BYU assistant coach Mark Atuaia, Dye decided to make it official. He will sign with BYU next season and, like his father James, become a BYU Cougar.

Every Friday Trey Dye was supposed to call up BYU assistant coach Mark Atuaia for a chat. Well, this Friday he decided to call him up and give him a little extra news that must have been music to his ears.

"I had been doing a lot of praying, talking to my parents and coaches," said Dye. "BYU just seemed like the school that really matched up well for me. I always felt like would fit in well and feel comfortable at BYU. I wanted to go to some place where I felt welcomed and wanted, and that was a school like BYU.

"So, I told Coach Atuaia that this was something that I wanted to do, so I'm going to commit to him right now. I told him that I was going to verbally commit, and he gave me Coach Mendenhall's number to call him. After I got done talking to Coach Atuaia, I spoke to my dad a little bit. He was just like, ‘You make sure this is something you want to do, because once you do it there's no going back.' I told him that I understood."

Dye then placed a call to BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall to tell him he was committing to him and his program.

"I introduced myself to him for the first time and said, ‘Coach, I really feel like BYU is the school for me,'" Dye said. "Then Coach Mendenhall asked me why I felt like BYU was the school for me. I just talked to him about the Church and everything behind my decision on wanting to go and commit to BYU. He was really happy to hear those things."

Now that he's made his final decision, Dye is excited about his commitment.

"I'm just so pumped and my heart has been beating a thousand miles per hour ever since I got off the phone," said an excited Dye. "I'm just pumped up! I'm just so ready to go. I know I still have one more year of high school left to play, so I'm sure I'll calm down a little bit."

And as is to be expected, Trey's father James is excited as well.

"My dad has always been proud of me and he's really happy with my decision to commit to BYU," Dye said. "He never pushed me but made sure that was something that I wanted to do. My dad would have loved me and supported me no matter where I went, but he's happy that I committed to BYU. He's really excited knowing that I'll be going to the same school where he played. He's really excited!"

BYU fans will once again see the name Dye on a blue and white jersey making plays in LaVell Edward Stadium. It's been many years since that was the case, but the Dye legacy will live on now through Trey Dye.

"I hope I don't disappoint and I believe I won't disappoint," said Dye. "I want to continue that legacy my dad left. When I get on campus I hope to continue that legacy and do things like my father did. I'm pumped to be a Cougar! Go Cougar nation!"

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