BYU offers Cali LB Fred Warner

San Marcos, California is home to a 6-3, 210-pound LDS outside linebacker who, based on his film, should be getting some attention from Pac-12 and other conference schools. Today he was offered by BYU.

There is an up and coming LDS outside linebacker from the North San Diego area by the name of Fred Warner, a member of the 2014 recruiting class. A talented and versatile athlete, Warner has very good physical and weight room measurables.

"I come in at around 6-3, 210 pounds," said Warner. "My bench press is 270 pounds, my power clean is 270-pounds, my squat is 380 pounds and I play a lot of outside linebacker. As an outside linebacker, I work off the edge a lot to get to the passer. I'm also really good at dropping back into coverage to defend against the pass."

Not only does Warner have a good work ethic in the weight room, but he also gets it done in the classroom.

"Right now I have a 3.68 GPA I believe," he said. "That's my overall GPA."

In watching film on the Mission Hills High School defense, they play a combination of defenses where they like to move Warner to either as a rush defensive end or move him out into space to either cover or blitz. It's very similar to BYU's base defense.

"Yeah, we play kind of a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense because we use the outside linebacker as an end," said Warner. "The outside linebacker can either rush as an end or drop back into coverage. I'll also play some d-end because my team needed me at that time. It's pretty versatile."

Playing the field side linebacker position, Warner did well and that's reflected in his season stats.

"My stats from last year, I had about 30 tackles, four sacks and one interception," Warner said.

A relative unknown commodity from Mission Hills High School, Warner picked up his first offer yesterday from New Mexico State. Because of his athleticism, this secret from Southern California won't remain such much longer.

"I received my first scholarship [yesterday] from New Mexico State to play division one football," Warner said. "They saw my film and liked what they saw and offered me. I've been receiving mail and have had contact with some colleges. Boise State, Idaho, San Jose State, Arizona, Washington and UCLA have all contacted me.

"UCLA has shown interest in me. My head coach had sent them my transcripts and highlight film to a coach at UCLA," Warner said. "They said they liked what they saw and wanted me to come out to a camp in the spring."

Another reason why Fred Warner won't remain a hidden gem very long is because he was recently selected as a member of the prestigious B2G passing league football team.

"It's like a football training to try and help high level athletes get better and more exposure with a passing tournament," Warner said. "We get looked at by and and it's a good way to get recognition and colleges to look at you through a seven-on-seven tournament. There is corner on the team that's been on B2G since he was a sophomore and he has an offer from UCLA already. B2G is a really good team and they win almost every tournament."

After receiving some advice from a few parents of B2G players who thought he would be a good candidate for B2G, Warner decided to give it a shot.

"I had a guy on my team with whom I played with last season and is going to Arizona University to play football there," Warner said. "He played on B2G and has a younger cousin, who is a sophomore right now, is also doing B2G. Both of their parents had said that I should be on B2G because they thought that it would be good exposure for me and felt that I would make the seven-on-seven team. I decided to go and try it out for a couple of weekends. Based on how you do in the training they decide if you should be on the team or not."

Henry Bell, who is a defensive backs coach, selected Warner to be a member of B2G following his tryout. He was selected to play outside linebacker as a member of the team after coaches saw his athleticism.

"I'm new to B2G but there have been plenty of D-1 athletes on the team," Warner said. "They liked what I did so they sent an email saying that I was chosen to be on the seven-on-seven team for B2G as an outside linebacker."

Because he is LDS and loves playing football, Warner watched quite a few BYU football games at home. He was impressed with the quality of defense the Cougars play.

"I know BYU is our church college and I was watching BYU a lot last season," said Warner. "The one thing that stuck out to me a lot last year was how good their defense is. They have one of the best defenses in college football."

While watching those games live on ESPN, the player that caught Warner's attention was none other than Cougar defensive specialist Kyle Van Noy, whom he noticed played a similar role to his own within the defensive scheme.

"A player that stuck out to me the most was Kyle Van Noy. He really got my attention by how good he plays," Warner said. "I just loved the way he was playing. He's aggressive off the edge and they had him dropping back into coverage, and I saw myself in that same position because I do the same exact thing in a lot of situations. BYU has a great program."

Seeing Van Noy's success and the caliber of defense BYU plays sparked Warner's interest, but there is more to the university that has captured his heart.

"I love BYU because I'm LDS and I have people around me that love BYU," said Warner. "I love BYU. I just think it would be a great place for someone like me. My mom also went to BYU, and so I just think it would be a great place for me. Their program is ranked and they play great defense out there in Provo. I heard stories and my mom was telling me about the campus and how nice it is. The atmosphere and the stadium is something I've also heard about. I would love to go to BYU and play my football while earning my education there."

So he's now thinking of taking some unofficial visits to possibly UCLA and BYU.

"I've had thoughts about going on an unofficial or a camp over there at BYU. UCLA has asked me to come down for a visit to a camp," Warner said. "Maybe go to a junior day at BYU or something like that."

And he's thought about and has expressed a desire to serve a mission after hearing good things from doing so.

"Yeah, I've thought about serving a mission," he said. "I've heard nothing but great things about serving a mission, so that's something that I want to do. I've heard so many stories and it just seems like a great thing."

If his performance on film and selection to the B2G gives any indication, Warner's recruitment should heat up. He's a solid prospect in every category both on and off the field. Stay tuned BYU fans!

Fred Warner Update

After submitting the article to be published, Fred Warner was officially offered a full ride scholarship by Coach Mendenhall over the telephone.

"This is like Christmas morning, you know!" Warner said. "I was in my sixth period, which is my weight lifting period. My coach called me into his office and told me that a BYU coach wanted to talk with me."

On the other line was newly assigned BYU defensive coordinator Nick Howell.

"Coach Howell was on the line and he said that the defensive coaching staff had gotten together and watched my film," said Warner. "They said they loved what they saw in my film and that they loved what they saw in my grades. After talking with them on the phone they said they loved the type of person that I am."

Then Coach Howell passed the phone to outside linebacker coach Kelly Poppinga.

"He then gave the phone to Coach Poppinga, the outside linebacker's coach and he said the same thing," Warner said. "He said I was going to be one of their top recruits and I said that would be great and awesome. I went and did my lifts and then went home. Coach Poppinga messaged me on facebook saying he wanted me to give Coach Mendenhall a call."

Warner then dialed up Coach Mendenhall's number and spoke to BYU's head coach. That's when he received the news that he was being offered by the school he watched last season and grew to love.

"I called up Coach Mendenhall and he asked me a variety of questions," said Warner. "He asked me about my family and about my life. The kind of questions he was asking me, I knew right then and there he was a good coach. He wanted to know about my personal life, and I could tell he's just a great coach. At the end of the conversation he says, ‘I want to offer you a scholarship to come play for the BYU Cougars and be a part of this football team.' I just said, ‘That would be amazing!' It's just so surreal."

After hearing that he was being offered by Coach Mendenhall, Warner's excitement grew. With the extended offer, he realized right then and there what the coaches of BYU thought of him.

"Oh my gosh it was so incredible!" said Warner. "What was amazing about the thing he said was they have just seven scholarships to give out to my class. One of them was for an outside linebacker, and so he chose me as that one outside linebacker. When he told me this I was ecstatic! I just couldn't believe it. It's just absolutely surreal."

Although excited and a little overwhelmed, Warner didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall over the phone. Although BYU is a college Warner is highly interested in, he's going to take some time to talk to his mother and think things over before making a final decision.

"I told him that I would have to think it over and that BYU would be amazing and a perfect fit for me to play," said an excited Warner. "BYU would be a perfect fit for me because of my beliefs and they type of school BYU is. They play great football out there, so I'm just going to think it over. I'm going to think things over but I know there's not as much time as other colleges because there's not as many scholarships. I'm just trying to take it all in right now."

Congratulations to Fred Warner on receiving his BYU scholarship. The future just opened wide for you.

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