Quarterback progress report

Since spring camp access has been shortened down to just the last 20 minutes, outside observations progress reports are virtually impossible. To remedy this issue, we've gone directly to the coaches for their thoughts on how their players have progressed from week one to week two.

Quarterback coach John Beck gave his breakdown of each quarterback from week one to week two.

"I think they're progressing nicely," said Coach Beck. "Mistakes they've made in the previous practice, they're eliminating those at the next practice. Then new things will come up and we'll focus on those. They've done a good job of, when they have made mistakes, coming back and not making them twice, and that's really the best thing you want from your quarterbacks. You want them to learn quickly, make adjustments, then move forward on the field."

Taysom Hill

So far during spring camp, Hill has been running with the first-team offense.

"He has some very good athleticism and is able to make plays with his feet, but he also has a pretty good arm and can throw the ball really well," said Coach Beck. "He throws a nice ball and is accurate. Then he's a smart kid and makes great decisions with the ball."

Hill's skill sets are: great speed, good arm, accuracy, quick to learn, and smart with the ball.

However, during Wednesday's practice Hill struggled.

"Well, it was one of his rougher days in terms of performance," said Coach Beck. "He had a bad throw on one and was a little late on another and ended up getting tipped up and turned into a pick, so I would say he struggled a little more during this Wednesday's practice. But then he did have some nice plays that ended up turning into big hits for our offense."

Ammon Olsen

Olsen has been second behind Hill in taking reps during team scrimmaging.

"Ammon has really put together three practices in a row where they've been really good," said Coach Beck. "He has a very strong arm and can throw the ball really well. Then he has good athleticism. He can really fling the ball around."

Olsen's skill sets are: good athleticism, good speed, very strong arm, accuracy, quick learner and good decision maker.

It appears during Wednesday's practice that Olsen may have had the better day.

"He had another really solid day [on Wednesday] with his decisions," said Coach Beck. "We worked with him on the QB run game with when to pull it and when to throw those bubbles and wrinkles off of that. That's the focus we're having with him."

Christian Stewart

The third quarterback to take the field has been Christian Stewart.

"Christian is also a good athlete who can throw the ball well," said Coach Beck. "He's a very good competitor but he's a little newer to the program, and so he's a little up and down and have had some struggles. It's nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected for a guy who's out here for the first time competing."

Stewart's skill sets are: good athleticism, good speed, very competitive, decent arm, quick learner, lots of potential and room to grow.

Jason Munns

"Munns had that really good first two days of spring practice, but then he ended up getting that concussion and so he's been out the last three days of practice," said Coach Beck. "He hasn't been able to get any reps in team practice. We are expecting him to come back this Friday. He had a really good first two days of practice, but then we haven't been able to really see anything after that."

Biggest adjustments as a group

"The biggest adjustment this week has been our quarterbacks' decision making based off of the run game, so when we're pulling it based off of the different backers and the plays we've got going," said Beck. "The first week it was a lot of learning through film work, and this time they're learning those adjustments and doing better off the run and pass game."

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