Offensive line progress report

Offensive line coach Garett Tujague gives BYU fans a breakdown of the development of his players during spring camp so far. Starting with the first-team unit, Coach Tujague begins his breakdown from left tackle to right tackle, and shares what they bring to the field of play.

First-team unit

LT Brad Wilcox: Freshman, 6-7, 285 pounds

"Brad has gotten a lot better," said Coach Tujague. "I think the thing that's been the most influential has been his ability to play fast. We're still working on the play-hard part, but he's gotten a lot better. He's using his hands a lot more and he's working to get better each day."

Skill sets: great size, good feet and moves well, decent hands, decent physicality but has a lot of room to grow.

LG Solomone Kafu: Junior, 6-3, 305 pounds

"Solo took a huge jump last week into this week," said Tujague. "He's getting quicker off the ball and he's that physical presence that I need. He's that strong guy you want in the middle and he's doing a great job of using his strength and leverage to knock guys around out there."

Skill sets: good strength, very physical, physical in the run game, good in the passing game with room to grow.

C Manaaki Vaitai: Senior, 6-3, 317 pounds

"With Manaaki at center, he's really holding that position down," Coach Tujague said. "He's giving us that body-on-body push that we need in the middle. I think one of Manaaki's strengths is his strength. He's smart enough to understand to know what we're doing so he can make the right calls. He's gotten a lot better. I think a lot of it is just trying to understand what we're trying to do offensively, he's done a good job of that."

Skill sets: good size for a center, doesn't get knocked out of position and stays square, very strong, smart, improving on center-to-quarterback exchange, learning better how to read the defense and make offensive line adjustments based on offensive play call.

RG Kyle Johnson: Freshman, 6-3, 285 pounds

"I think Kyle Johnson is going to be fantastic. I love the kid," said Coach Tujague. "He's fighting his tail off and is probably our best one-on-one pass-blocker, top-three run-blocker. I mean, the kid is working hard and it's just so awesome to see him transfer it over from the weight room to the field."

Skill sets: very hard worker, student of the game, very physical, very high ceiling, top pass-blocker, among the best in run-blocking and could be the surprise on the offensive line given Coach Tujague's remarks.

RT Michael Yeck: Junior, 6-8, 288 pounds

"Michael Yeck has done a great job," said Tujague. "We've got to work on him getting a little bit quicker in changing directions, but his attitude, desire and want to improve is absolutely there. He's fighting to get better and has shown good improvements from week one to week two with understanding what we want from our guys."

Skill sets: great size, good feet, long reach and good hands, has a lot of upside to his game and a strong desire to improve.

First-team improvements from week one to week two

"I would say without a doubt it would have to be chemistry," said Coach Tujague. "Absolutely without a doubt. You know, just having them all play together, trusting more in one another and moving forward as a unit. There's a battle everywhere across the line with the first-team guys and the second-team guys. I want to give each guy a shot with the first-team group, whatever that means, but then again I want guys to play together, so you don't want to jack that chemistry and bond as well."

Second-team unit

Those pushing the first team have been given the chance to play within that unit. In the first week, Tui Crichton was playing left guard over Kafu. By Wednesday of week one, he was with the second-team unit at right guard. Center Terrance Alleto has been pushing Vaitai with the first unit, but Vaitai so far as held him off.

LT Quinn Lawlor: Junior, 6-4, 278 pounds

"You know what, with Quinn, the first day we were out here I didn't have much hope," said Coach Tujague. "I just coached my tail off and now he's done an amazing job. The transformation from last Friday to [Wednesday] has been tremendous. I think the first couple of days it was me learning them and them learning more about me and what exactly I expected. We had talked a lot about it, but I hadn't gotten a chance to translate that for them on the field. Once he got used to that tempo, he's excelled and has gotten used to it. Quinn has excelled in his run-blocking and getting better in his pass-blocking. I'm very impressed with his ability and desire to want to be the guy. He's being very physical and that's what you have to have to be in this offense."

Skill sets: quick learner and quick in regards to application, good run-blocker, decent pass-blocker, physical on the edge, good feet and hips, has more upside to his abilities.

LG Ryan Reynolds: Freshman, 6-4, 275 pounds

"Gosh, every time I speak, Ryan's eye are this big as if I'm going to say the most important thing in the world," said Tujague, using his hands to demonstrate. "His attention is awesome and he's still in there and fighting his butt off."

Skill sets: young and a bit raw, lots of heart, great effort with room to grow.

C Terrance Alletto: Sophomore, 6-3, 270 pounds

"We've had Terrance rotate in and out with the ones to get a better look at what he can do," said Coach Tujague. "His strengths are he's really quick and fast for his size. He kind of struggled a little during week one but we did some coaching with him and he's vastly improved week two. He holding his base a lot better now and staying square. If we get him and Manaaki to be equal with what they both bring to the field, we'll be in great shape."

Skill sets: Alletto is a natural center and looks comfortable at that position. His snaps have improved. He's physical, smart, light on his feet, has room to grow in regards to size, has improved on keeping his base and has a lot of potential going forward.

C Parker Dawe: Freshman, 6-3, 250 pounds

"Dawe is doing a great job at center," said Tujague. "You know, the first couple of days at center his snaps were all over the place, so he's done a great job at honing in his snaps and tightening things up. The energy he brings is really good."

Skill sets: very physical, quick learner (and that's apparent in his applied performance on the field), good potential and has a lot of room to grow.

Tui Crichton: Sophomore, 6-3, 343 pounds

"Tui, who when we go one-on-one drills is pretty tough, just gets in there and is fast and athletic," said Coach Tujague. "It will be interesting to see him be able to go six, seven, eight, nine, 10, or however many plays we need at that high-tempo pace. If he can keep up, he'll be unstoppable."

Skill sets: very strong lower body, active hands, very light on his feet (considered a very good dancer in fact), moves very well for his size, still room to improve in regards to stamina and sustaining high level of performance over a longer duration of time.

RT Cole Jones: Freshman, 6-5, 280 pounds

"I love Cole, I mean, talk about a fighter," said Coach Tujague. "He's gotten so much better from day one to day four. It's amazing and we're not even close and I understand that, but to see the improvement after practices that he's made is really special. The guys are really wanting to be coached and they're trying so hard to be as physical as we want them to be, and Cole has done a great job of that."

Skill set: smart, quick learner, coachable, has good size, moves well and has good feet, very physical and tough on the edge.

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