Cougar Snapshots

Total Blue Sports photographer Troy Verde has been capturing football action as it happens during practice. In this edition of Cougar Snapshots, you'll see shots of BYU's new offensive coaching staff, offensive linemen, quarterbacks, running backs and much more.

Adam Hine takes the handoff and bolts towards the outside of the defense as the defensive line flows to the outside. He has had a very good spring camp and has been running with Michael Alisa and Jamaal Williams on the first team.

Sophomore center Terrance Alletto has received reps on the first team and has been competing with Manaaki Vaitai. Here, Alletto lines up against Tuni Kanuch prior to the snap of the ball.

Sophomore quarterback Ammen Olson zeroes in on a target downfield. He has received the second-most reps of spring camp, behind only Taysom Hill.

Running back coach Mark Atuaia looks on during practice. Atuaia has been very active and, much like the rest of the staff, a vocal coach when he needs to be.

Left tackle Brad Wilcox drops back into pass coverage as outside linebacker Tanner Cox rushes in to put pressure on the quarterback.

Wide receiver coach Guy Holliday has been one of the more active and vocal coaches on BYU's new offensive staff. Holliday has had a lot of success developing receivers and placing them into the NFL.

Charged with developing the offensive line, Garett Tujague has had his hands full during spring camp getting the big boys up front to match the expectations of the new offense. He's done a fantastic job of both individual and collective offensive line development over spring.

Tight end Devin Mahina takes off downfield from the h-receiver position.

Assigned to develop the tight ends, grad assistantAndrew George gathers his players together for instruction prior to team competition.

Adam Hine receives a pass, dodges a would-be tackler, and cuts upfield on his way to the end zone.

Left guard Solomone Kafu gets into his stance to protect Taysom Hill from the pass rush.

Middle linebacker Manoa Pikula runs through a footwork drill towards the end of practice. Pikula has been running with the first-team defense during spring.

Right guard Ryan Reynolds zeroes in on a blitzing defender.

Freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum watches from the sideline. Mangum has all the tools and athletic ability to be a very good quarterback following his mission.

The ball is snapped and Hill rolls out to his right as he surveys the field.

Big Tui Crichton has gone from the defensive line back to the offense. Possessing good feet and being very nimble for his size, Crichton is currently on the two-deep at right guard.

Coach Tujague gathers his offensive linemen together for a pep talk following practice. With his spirited talks to his offensive linemen, Tujague has shown to be a fantastic motivator.

Williams packs a powerful punch with both speed and power and has performed very well during spring camp.

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