Anderson to visit many schools

There is a talented dual-threat quarterback in Florida that is getting the attention of many colleges across the country. Over the summer, Kilton Anderson intends on flying out to various campuses in an effort to showcase his talents.

Playing quarterback for Florida's Naples High School, Kilton Anderson got it done both on the ground and through the air. His abilities as an athlete took Naples deep into the state playoffs last season.

"Last season I had around 1,200 passing yards in 130 attempts," said the 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound Anderson. "I had around 838 rushing yards for a total of 45 touchdowns. I run a 4.58 forty, so I'm pretty good at running the ball.

"I've always been a big-time runner and love to run. In the past I've played wideout, running back and quarterback. Any position you can put a kid on the field I've played since I was little. At Naples the quarterback is pretty much a running back there, so basically I thought I would fit in well there."

About four or five years ago the Anderson family moved from Arkansas to Florida. Afterward, Kilton began playing quarterback for Naples High School, which plays in one of the toughest leagues in the state.

"Right away I got put at quarterback and became a dual threat," said Anderson. "We don't throw a lot so I'm considered a dual threat, but I can also be a pro-style quarterback because I feel I can throw just as well as those quarterbacks considered to be pro-style. I like being a dual-threat quarterback where I have the option of passing or throwing the ball."

Naples was the highest-scoring team in the state of Florida and only lost one game, which was to Miami Central in the state semifinals. Despite the success of Naples last season, Anderson hopes to bring more attention to the school.

"It's tough down here because a lot of colleges don't know about Naples and we're very under-recruited," said Anderson. "It's tough but I'm talking to Georgia Tech and I have an offer from South Alabama, Louisiana Lafayette. I'm talking to other schools like FSU, Auburn, Alabama and a few other schools as well. I hope to bring more attention to my school and hopefully we can win a state championship next year."

This summer he plans on racking up many miles while visiting various college campuses.

"I'm actually going to a lot of Junior Days and summer camps, so I'll be really busy," Anderson said. "I'll be heading out to Washington and that's the nearest one coming up, so I'll be heading out to Washington on the weekend of the 27th for their dog day. I'm going to a Georgia Tech camp, Georgia, FSU, Miami, BYU and a couple others. I have to get out there because I feel like I'm heavily under-recruited right now because of the type of offense that I'm in. I want to show coaches what I can actually do."

The BYU coach that has courted Anderson is quarterback coach Jason Beck.

"I've been talking to Coach Beck and he's excited about me," Anderson said. "He said he watched my film and really liked it. He hasn't really seen me throw in person and that's something he wants to do, which is understandable when you're recruiting a quarterback. He's come out here to see me and I'm excited to go out there and show them what I can do. I don't think he'll be disappointed."

Throughout the recruiting process Anderson has gotten to know Coach Beck.

"From what I know of Coach Beck, he just seems like a great family man," Anderson said. "He's a clean-cut guy with no behind-the-scenes issues. He just has such a clean slate and you can't ask for a better individual to coach you. I'll know more about him once I get out there and have some time to interact with him, but right now he just seems like a really good guy."

Anderson holds interest in BYU in large part because of the football program's tradition.

"Well, I'm a quarterback and BYU is the quarterback university," said Anderson. "I mean, as a quarterback you're sort of obligated to know that BYU is a great quarterback school. There have been many greats that have come out of there, and so to possibly have the opportunity to play there and compete is great, knowing you have the chance to be better than those of the past."

So, he'll pack his bags and head out to Provo, Utah in June for BYU's Junior Day. He's not only interested in the football program, but in the academics as well.

"I'm looking for a school where I can fit into," said Anderson. "I want to be appreciated wherever I go. At BYU, they have a great business program and I want to be a small business owner one day. BYU has a great entrepreneurship program and I absolutely love that. If I got my business degree from there, you couldn't ask for a better school to get that from.

"From a football side of things, just their morals, aspects on life and living standards that they expect, you couldn't ask for a better team to be a part of. It's just such a positive atmosphere to be in and you couldn't surround yourself with a better group of people.

"I'd like to go to a place exactly like BYU. I want to go to a place that's not only going to prepare me to play football but prepare me for the rest of my life. I want to go to a school that's known academically and will provide me with a degree and morals that sets the standard for life. I want to go to a place where I can feel comfortable. I know I'm going to be far away from home, and so I want to have another family wherever I'm at."

Anderson loves to restore cars, so he would love to get a degree and start up a business allowing him to continue his passion.

"I'm a big car fanatic," he said. "I love cars and that's my thing. I can buy and sell cars all day and that's what I want to do when I'm older. I love old cars, new cars, exotic cars, you name it. Getting a degree from a business school like BYU is a path that then becomes endless. It could set up things that other colleges can't."

BYU's honor code is also something that Anderson likes.

"It definitely does attract me more to the university," he said. "You can go to any college in the world and you can play for any program that you want, but when you play for a college that has standards for each of your players, I think it brings the team together. It brings a more positive atmosphere for players to stay focused toward common goals. They're creating values and teaching you things for the rest of your life outside of football that will stay with you for the rest of your life."

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