Cougars offer junior college receiver

The Cougars are in the market for possibly two wide receivers for the class of 2014. With the allotment of scholarships thinning due to players returning to the program, those pass-catchers need to be impact players, especially since BYU star receiver Cody Hoffman will be graduating after this upcoming season.

The BYU coaches believe they have found one potential receiver in College of the Canyons pass-catcher Tim White. In his first year of college football, the 5-foot-11-inch, 175-pound receiver's stats were pretty impressive.

"Last season I had 42 catches for 860 yards or something like that and, I think, for 10 touchdowns," said White.

For his freshman year at the junior college level, White primarily played wide receiver at the x-position, but he did play a few other positions.

"They just had me at wideout, and I'll be playing slot this year and running back," White said. "I played a little bit of running back last year, but I expect to play more running back this year."

White's head coach at College of the Canyons was none other than Garett Tujague, who is now BYU's offensive line coach.

"Yeah, he was the one the recruited me out to College of the Canyons," White said with a chuckle in his voice. "He's a very good recruiter with his inspirational messages and stuff like that. He's also very honest and very motivational, which is always good and what you want. He's definitely a good guy and recruiter."

When it comes to White's recruitment, history is now repeating itself.

"[Tujague's] the one that's actually recruiting me now," said White. "He pretty much told me that they could use me. He was telling me what their needs are for the team. He was also saying that because I was a more experienced receiver coming in, that I would be able to earn my spot as long as I work hard to have it. He was telling me that I could be one of the better players on the team over the next few years after I come on."

But to have the opportunity to play at BYU, one must first be offered a scholarship, and that's exactly what has happened. How fitting is it that White received his first Division I scholarship offer from the very coach who offered him a scholarship at the junior college level.

"Yes, [the coaches] did offer me a scholarship," said White. "I called them up and talked with them and they offered me the scholarship. Coach Tujague was the one that offered me the scholarship and he pretty much said, ‘We're offering you a scholarship, so think about it and make the right decision.'

"I was excited about it and it's definitely a boost in confidence. When you're getting some looks from colleges like Fresno State and Arizona a little bit to getting an offer from a coach that knows you, it really is a confidence booster."

So, the same coach that gave White the opportunity to play football at the junior college level has now given him the opportunity to play Division I football.

"I just think it's great because obviously I must have been doing something good if he's still going to recruit me later on," White said about Coach Tujague. "I must have been doing things the right way for that to happen. You know, respect people on and off the field while listening to my coaches. He must have seen something in me where he wanted to recruit me again at the next level."

During spring break a few weeks ago, White took an unofficial visit to BYU.

"I was pretty excited about the offer because it was my first offer from a top college," White said. "I took my unofficial out there and that was great. I really liked the school and I really felt good about it.

"It was a good chance for me to learn more about the school and a little bit of the history of it. I got a chance to meet some of the players and they showed me around a little bit. They showed me around the campus and surrounding areas. It was a good experience overall."

He said that without a doubt, the highlights of the visit were the facilities and the people found at BYU.

"Everyone was so nice out there and especially walking around out there. Looking at the facilities, they're really nice. The indoor practice facility was really nice, and I like the school spirit and uniforms. I was able to see some of the practices because they showed me a little film. I liked the way they practice and they go really hard over there."

White also met some of BYU's other coaches.

"I spoke to BYU's head coach, Coach Mendenhall," said White. "When I spoke with Coach Mendenhall, he was all business. He told me like it is and he didn't beat around the bush, and that's what I like as a coach."

"I also spoke to their receivers coach, Coach Holliday, as well. Coach Holliday is exactly what you look for in a receivers coach. He's funny and gets along with all of his players. He's a very motivating type of a coach, which is always good. In the little bit that I've talked to him, he just seems like a great person."

White understands the honor code and knows what's expected in order to play football at BYU.

"I share their high standards," White said. "On the field I try and compete and I love competition. I try to be respectful and treat everybody in the way how I wish to be treated. I'm not the type of kid that likes to go out and party. I'm definitely not a smoker or drinker or anything like that, and Coach Tujague knows that about me.

"As far as my academics goes, I have definitely matured from the high school level to the junior college level. I feel like I'm more disciplined now in the classroom, and so all of these things together is why I feel they offered."

A member of the 2014 class, White is excited about his first offer. He still has one more year to play at the junior college level and will take his time in order to make the right decision.

"I don't want to rush anything and this is my first offer," White said. "I don't want to make the wrong decision, but I want to make sure I make the perfect decision. I would like to make some visits with whoever I get, so I definitely want to take my time with the recruiting process and just wish for the best."

While it might be a while before he makes a final decision, White likes what BYU has to offer.

"I'm definitely considering BYU without a doubt," said White. "I'll consider any school right now, but BYU is definitely high up there. They have a great football team and it's a great school. It's just a good place to be around."

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