Murray still on Cougars' minds

Are the Cougars done with the class of 2013? Well, despite having recently received a commitment from DeAnza College defensive back Robertson Daniel, Coach Howell is still speaking with a junior college cornerback that is supposed to graduate in June.

Ventura College cornerback Lakeith Murray believes he can receive a Cougar scholarship for 2013, and has been talking to the Cougar coaches.

"They told me the same things as before," said Murray. "They want me to get my degree first and then go from there. I talked to Coach Howell and he said for me to focus on my grades and hopefully I'll get an offer from them. He told me to keep in contact with him."

Murray expects to graduate in June, and hopes a BYU offer will then be forthcoming.

"When I talked with Coach Howell he was just reassuring me and asked me how my visit went when I went on an official visit to BYU a little while back," Murray said. "He wanted to make sure that I wasn't down on myself because they didn't offer me when I was out there. He was asking me about that to make sure I wasn't down. He was very reassuring and basically it's up to me now to put the pressure on them. We'll see what happens. If they can't do it, they can't do it. If they can't, they can't, but I'm going to give it my best shot."

Meanwhile, the University of Wyoming offered Murray a scholarship late last year.

"I might take a visit out there. I haven't set a date yet but I have been in contact with their coaches," Murray said. "They were the first D-I school to offer me back in November. I've always been in contact with them since. I just recently talked to them about two weeks ago about my transcripts and things like that."

Right now it's not certain whether BYU has one more scholarship to give. However, Murray believes that if BYU didn't have one to give, they wouldn't worry about a continued show of interest.

"I guess they're just waiting and seeing what happens, but they did say they were definitely interested," Murray said. "I can't walk on, so if they have a scholarship available I hope they extend it my way once I graduate."

Murray isn't the only one hoping for a BYU offer.

"I guess one of the BYU fans read the first article that was done and hit me up on Facebook. I thought that was really cool," said Murray with a chuckle. "I got a random message on Facebook and I replied, ‘Who is this?' He then said, ‘I'm a diehard BYU Cougar fan and I really hope they offer you.' It made me feel good. I love the fan base at BYU. I really do."

While taking his official visit to BYU, Murray gained appreciation for BYU's fan base.

"Yeah, I know BYU has a big fan base all around the world," Murray said. "When I was there I took a tour of their broadcasting building, and they were just showing me how they broadcast in this country and that country. Anything sports related is broadcasted and goes out around the world. It's crazy to think about, and so when I got that message from that BYU fan it was a first. It was really cool."

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