Snow tight end hoping for interest from BYU

BYU currently has six tight ends in the program, two of which will graduate following this season. At Snow College there is a talented tight end that is starting to receive a lot of attention from schools in the Pac 12 and Big 12, and he even has a few offers on the table. However, he's hoping BYU will jump in as well.

When Evan Moeai left high school football for the junior college ranks, he came in at about 6 feet 1 inch and 190 pounds. A year later while playing at Snow College, his Samoan genes kicked in.

"I just played one year down at Snow and that was my freshman year," said Moeai. "When I played I was around 235, but now I'm around 245, so I put on about 10 pounds after the season. Right out of high school I redshirted at Snow my first year. I was a little undersized and around 6'1", 190 pounds right out of high school. I went down to Snow and grew a couple of inches while gaining around 40-to-50 pounds."

Last season, Moeai was the starting tight end for the Badgers.

"I had a pretty good season this past year," Moeai said. "I had around 32 catches for 375 yards and eight touchdowns. That's how my season went. For my weight room stats, I haven't maxed out recently. When I maxed out at Snow about a year [ago], I benched 325. My squat was about 455. I've gotten stronger since then but I haven't maxed since then, so I couldn't tell you what my max is since then."

With his success, colleges took notice. Many colleges had previously taken a look at Moeai, but he wasn't listed as a high school qualifier at the eligibility center. Since that status has been updated, many Division I colleges have been showing interest.

"I've talked to a lot of schools and it's picked up this spring starting in January," Moeai said. "The first call I got was Arizona State, and Mike Novell, their offensive coordinator, flew out and met with my family. It was kind of funny because he flew out and I hadn't gone through the eligibility center yet, so it didn't say that I was a high school qualifier. I went through the eligibility center and they gave me a full qualifier out of high school. That happened last week, and so I've talked to a lot of schools that thought I wasn't a qualifier."

Sense then, many Division I colleges have come knocking.

"It's picked up since last week and I picked up a few offers. I picked up one from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. I'm actually going on a trip on Wednesday out to USC. I'm talking to Kansas, Rutgers, Ole Miss, Western Michigan, South Florida and a lot of schools. I'm hoping to get a few more offers this next week."

As far as USC head coach Lane Kiffin and the Trojan program are concerned, Moeai first heard from USC last week after the staff reviewed his freshman highlight film.

"They called and said they had just seen my film and loved it. They wanted to come and check me out in person and said if they liked me in person that they would send me on a visit."

So, USC sent a coach to go see Moeai in person.

"Last week they booked a ticket for their tight ends coach, Coach Baxter, to fly out and check me out at Snow, so I ran routes for him down at Snow College," said Moeai. "I did some bag work and did some pro agility stuff. He filmed it and took it back to his staff on Monday night and showed it to the staff and Coach Kiffin. Then on Tuesday I talked to Coach Baxter again and he said they want me to come out on a visit, so my visit to USC is next Wednesday."

The youngest in a large family of six children, Moeai's older sister married former BYU defensive tackle star Vic So'oto, who is currently in the NFL.

"Yeah, I worked out with him all spring, so we got really close," said Moeai about So'oto. "He tells me nothing but good things about BYU. I know that his career there was definitely a bumpy one. He's played about every position you can think of. He started out at tight end and didn't really get much playing time. Then they moved him to linebacker and finished up as a defensive tackle. Even though that was the case, he loved his time there, and he tells me there's a lot more about BYU than just football. He tells me a lot of good things about the university and that helps my opinion."

Moeai has yet to hear from BYU. He's hoping, however, that will soon change.

"Yeah, to be honest I haven't been recruited by them," said Moeai. "I know a lot of schools didn't know that I was a qualifier, and they have a lot of tight ends down there, so maybe that's why. But yeah, I haven't been recruited by BYU. I guess they have a lot of tight ends, but, yeah, they haven't shown any interest."

Despite having not heard from the coaches at BYU, Moeai is very much interested in the university.

"BYU is a school of interest for me," Moeai said. "I grew up a BYU fan and that's the school I cheered for growing up. Being of the LDS faith, that definitely attracts me to BYU and the LDS community. But that's definitely not everything or the only reason why I'm interested in BYU. They have a great football program and tradition. I also like everything they stand for and what the school is about.

"I've spoken with former players and they've told me of their experiences at BYU and what it was like playing there and being a Cougar. I've heard nothing but good experiences from those who attended the university. Another thing that is driving me towards BYU is their standards and higher moral expectations that they expect you to live by while you're there. I think that's a big reason why I'm interested in BYU."

He fully understands that each college has specific recruiting needs. However, he's hoping that maybe the situation at BYU would be favorable for him to be recruited.

"I'd love for BYU to show interest," he said. "I guess it's hard for me to say because I know they have so many tight ends over there, but, yeah, I would definitely love to receive interest from them and it would mean a lot. I grew up a Cougar fan and grew up watching BYU football. I know they have to do what they have to do, but for BYU to recruit me would be a great thing for me, being a LDS kid."

Moeai will have three years to play three. He's looking to move on from Snow College this year and play at the next level this fall.

"Since I'm a high school qualifier I'm looking to get out for this fall," said Moeai. "I was a qualifier the whole time but I had to go through the eligibility center for them to make the final decision to actually decide that I was a high school qualifier, because that's what the colleges that were recruiting me were looking for. They go to the eligibility center to make sure that I'm a qualifier, so my grades were good enough and my ACT score was good enough. It's just that I've never gone through the eligibility center. I'll have three to play three. I redshirted my first year and played this past season, so I'm looking to move on as a high school qualifier."

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