Watson receives BYU offer

BYU is mining the fertile recruiting grounds of Southern California in search of a talented skill player for Coach Anae's offense. In the city of Corona, the BYU staff believes they've found such a prospect and have extended a scholarship offer.

BYU has already extended one scholarship offer to a running back: 6-foot-1-inch, 220-pound East High School running back Ula Tolutau, a north-and-south bruiser who runs with power. Now BYU is going after a second running back with a shiftier running style in 5-foot-10-inch, 195-pound Tre Watson from Centennial High School.

"I ran for a little over 163 carries for 1,483 yards," said Watson. "I can play receiver and can catch the ball. I can play cornerback and I can play safety. I can do whatever a college coach needs me to do."

Watson averaged about 9.1 yards per carry and 98.9 yards per game, while scoring 22 touchdowns on the ground. He finished the season with 24 total touchdowns.

"I feel some of my strengths as a running back are my strength is pretty good and my quickness is pretty good," said Watson. "What I like to do is watch a lot of film and slow down the defense. My line is able to create the holes and then I'm able to use my vision to find the defense's weaknesses. Then I just work through it all and it works."

What makes Watson an effective runner is the fact that he is able to calculate the flow of the defense and quickly make adjustments in his running lanes. He has a strong core and great hip snap that allows him to change direction at the drop of a dime.

"A lot of it is just instinctive with a lot of practice," said Watson. "I think that's where a lot of that comes from, and also a lot of film study to know what kind of defense you're going up against."

This past week was a productive one for Watson in regards to recruiting.

"I recently just got offered by Toledo, BYU and Utah," said Watson. "Toledo, I want to say, offered me this past Monday. Then BYU offered me this last Wednesday and Utah offered me right after that [on Thursday]. Then I'm being looked at by Oregon State, Cal, ASU, and Boise State is taking a look at me. I'm supposed to talk to Boise State pretty soon here as well. It's been an exciting week for me."

The BYU offer came after some recent contact from the Cougar staff.

"It was Coach Anae who offered me the scholarship from BYU," said Watson. "He offered that to me over the phone. I've been in contact with them for about a month. I've been interacting with them on Facebook, and then they came down to my school to take a visit.

"They wanted to see how I looked in person and see my size and everything. I was able to call them up and talk to them. He told me that he wants to get me and my family down there to BYU to get a feel for the school. It was great to get the offer from Coach Anae and he's a great guy."

A recruit must have solid character and strong academics in order for BYU to extend an offer, and Watson evidently fits the bill.

"I have a pretty good core GPA and I'm a leader on and off the field," said Watson. "BYU likes the way I play on the field and how I conduct myself off the field. I stay up on my grades first and foremost, and that's important to me."

Watson isn't LDS but nevertheless places a big emphasis on his faith.

"I do charity work now and then when I'm able to do," Watson said. "I'm a pretty strong Christian and go to church on Sundays. I go to Bible study as much as I can at 4:30 on Wednesday, but I've been training as much as I can now so I haven't been able to make that as much. I try to stay involved as much as I can with God because I know He takes care of me. He brings all the good to me and I feel everything happens for a reason. I feel very excited and blessed to have the offers I have."

With Watson having offers from both BYU and Utah, he will take a trip to the Beehive State this summer.

"I don't know much about the colleges up in Utah, but me and my family are supposed to take a visit up to Utah to visit both BYU and Utah," said an excited Watson. "We want to meet some of the coaches and players over there at BYU and learn more about it.

"I'm going down there sometime in June for an unofficial. I'm pretty excited to see how things are up there. Like I said, I feel excited and blessed to have been offered by a school like BYU. I'm looking forward to it."

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