Lee preparing extra for next level

Cornerback Sam Lee is planning on graduating from College of the Canyons at the end of May. In the meantime, he's preparing himself and doing extra physical training in order to be ready when the time comes for him to strap on his BYU helmet.

Sam Lee has been busy getting his schoolwork in order so he can get his degree and move on to the next level.

"I'm just trying to get my grades right so I can make it and get my associate's degree and get to BYU," said Lee. "I'm just trying to pass all my classes and get ready to move on. Right now I'm taking six classes and I just finished my math class. Now I just have biology, English, political theory, history, criminology and one other class. It's definitely pushing me."

With BYU's secondary being a little thin at the cornerback position, the program can't afford to have another loss due to injury or academic casualties. Fortunately, Lee is doing well academically.

"I'm passing all of my classes," he said with a laugh.

Well he better, or else he might hear it from his former junior college head coach Garett Tujague, who is now BYU's offensive line coach.

"I know, right?" Lee said while still laughing. "I hope it never comes down to that because I wouldn't want to make Coach Tujague mad at me. I don't think I would ever hear the end of it, but I'm doing good so I'm not too worried about that."

Lee's time at College of the Canyons is winding down.

"Once I finish up these classes, then I get my AA, so I'm excited about that and just working hard to finish these up," Lee said. "We have three more weeks of school left. Graduation week is the last week of May."

Once he's completely done with his schooling, Lee plans on continuing to prepare for what lies ahead.

"Well, I'll just continue to train because the summer workouts at BYU start in June. I know it's going to be tough and I just want to be ready for the workouts by the time I get there. I don't want to be behind in my conditioning or anything like that because now it's the next level. We have a workout schedule that they've given us, so I'm just doing that. I'm running and lifting according to the workout program that was given to me."

But Lee is going beyond the workout schedule that was given to him.

"I'm also working out and lifting with the players here at my school," he said. "I still go and do workouts with them as well, so that's been helpful too. I want to be ready by the time I get to BYU."

Incoming junior college recruit Josh Carter mentioned that his workouts were geared more towards developing endurance and speed rather than getting bigger. However, what about for the skill players? Do they have different workout plans?

"I don't really exactly know specifically as far as position-wise," Lee said. "They've just given us a max chart and told us, ‘Whatever you can do, this is what you do with this specific weight.' I don't know if the workouts are position-specific or if the running is position-specific. I just know what I've been given and what they've asked me to do to prepare physically. Basically, I'm trying to get as big and as fast as I can get. I'm trying to do a little extra to gain more muscle mass while becoming a little more faster. I'm a solid 185 pounds right now, I would say, and I'm doing well with my speed."

Lee plans on being out at BYU soon along with many other of his Cougar teammates.

"I'm going to head out to BYU in June. I think enrollment is around June 24th," Lee said. "I think they want us to come in early so we can get started, but not too deep into school. They want us to get adjusted and get an idea of what to expect. It's also a way for them to show us around campus and get used to be up there. That way when we get going it's not as difficult for us when we get into the season and school at the same time."

When it comes to his future teammates in the secondary, Lee already knows what to expect. He came up to BYU during the third week of spring camp and was able to get to know many of his future teammates much better.

"They're a fun group," Lee said. "I went up there a few weeks ago to watch them practice during spring, and they're a really fun group of guys to hang out with. This was the week before the last scrimmage and I went up there for a couple of days. I watched them practice and saw what they go through. It was good to hang out with Jordan Johnson and he's a cool kid. I like him. I can't wait to get up there. I'm excited."

Coach Tujague also offered a BYU scholarship to another of his former junior college players in receiver Sam White. It must have been fun to watch Lee square off against White in practice over the course of last season.

"I was checking him in practice," Lee said. "It was fun going up against him and we used to go at it. We used to go back and forth all the time."

The matchup pitted White's speed against Lee's physical coverage skills.

"It was fun and it was definitely competitive because he's a receiver that wants to catch the ball and I'm a corner that wants to shut him down," said Lee. "I've got the mindset that I don't want anyone catching the ball on me, and he's got the mentality of wanting to catch every ball. It was definitely competitive."

So was Lee able to shut down White, or did White get the better of him downfield?

"Yeah, you know, I had to shut him down a couple of times," said Lee with a chuckle. "Sometimes he got me, but I got him a couple of times. We used to go back and forth and he's a good athlete. He's super fast. His speed definitely makes up for his size. That's for sure."

White accompanied Lee when he came up to BYU on an unofficial visit a little while ago.

"From what I saw, he liked it," said Lee. "He had a good experience from what I saw. He said that he liked it because BYU was the first team to show interest. He said he liked that a lot, but he's just going to wait a little bit."

During the visit, White couldn't help but get some BYU memorabilia to take home.

"Yeah, I think he liked being out there because we when we went to the BYU bookstore he bought a lot of stuff there," said Lee with a laugh. "They have all the BYU shirts and all that there, and he bought a lot of stuff and took it home. He bought a couple shirts, a letterman jacket, a beanie and some BYU socks. It was pretty funny. I hope he comes up here with me because he's good and already knows people up here. I think it would be good."

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