Kurtz to visit BYU

Grossmont Community College wide receiver Nick Kurtz has set up a trip to BYU's campus in June. The official visit will be his first ever as a college recruit, and he's looking forward to seeing firsthand what the campus provides on a few different levels.

BYU is in search for a premier receiver to come in and be a key weapon within Coach Anae's offense. The Cougar staff has extended an offer to Nick Kurtz, whom they feel can come in right away and fit that need.

"The coaches at BYU really make me feel at home and that's what I like about them so much," Kurtz said. "I don't want to give anything away and it's early in the process, but they really make me feel at home and that's what I like about them."

So, he's set up a trip to fly out to Provo, Utah for an official visit from June 6-8. He also plans on setting up four other official visits prior to choosing which school to commit to.

"I think I'm going to set up some other ones because I want to commit before the season starts."

The trip out to BYU will be Kurtz's first official recruiting visit to a major Division I college.

"I'm really excited to go out there and see all the facilities and everything because I've never been on a visit anywhere," he said. "I told you out of high school I didn't have anything. You know, it's all new to me and I'm sure they're going to make everything seem so great. I'm excited to get out there and meet all the coaching staff. I've been talking to them for so long. It would be great to see people's faces, and I'm excited to meet all the coaches and also meet all the players and everything. I want to see what the town is like and all that."

Kurtz is looking for an environment where he feels at home and comfortable living in.

"I haven't met anyone personally, and I've never actually seen the campus in person but only through pictures," said Kurtz. "I want to actually see the environment and how it feels. I think that's what it will come down to is how the environment feels to me. That's what it's really going to come down to. It's going to be the feel of the community and the campus environment and what it's like. It's going to be how the coaches make me feel and how the people around me make me feel.

"You're going to meet players too and I'm sure they're going to take you around and show you what life is like over there. The whole campus lifestyle I haven't seen for myself and that's what's so special about BYU. You have to actually go there and see it for yourself. You have to go get a feel for it, so that's why I would actually go out there. I want to actually experience things for myself out there. If I like what I see it's only going to intrigue me even more, but I do want to take all five of my visits, but I'm not sure where yet. This will be my first visit, so it will leave a mark on me."

Because this is his first official visit, Kurtz doesn't quite have a specific checklist for what he's looking for. However, he will speak with his coaches and others prior to visiting BYU's campus to get a better idea of what to look for in order to get the most out of his visit. As for now, checking out all the general provisions is a no-brainer.

"I want to see what the weight rooms are like, classrooms included," Kurtz said. "I want to see what the actual campus looks like. I go to Grossmont, so I don't actually get to see anything special like that. I would like to see the locker rooms and all that stuff that we just don't have here at Grossmont."

However, nice campus facilities and other amenities won't be the deciding factor when he makes his commitment.

"No, no, of course not, and I think those things are nice, but it's going to come down to what I said earlier and that's feel," Kurtz said. "I just want to go personally and see everything myself and its going to be a good time. It's going to end up being how I feel – wherever I feel the most at home and wherever I know I'll have a shot at playing."

When it comes to the football aspect of BYU, Kurtz has done some preliminary research on BYU's offense and Coach Mendenhall's program.

One of the other things he talked about was the number of former Cougars this year who are getting NFL opportunities, whether through the draft or as free agents.

"I don't know if you know about Ziggy [Ansah], but he was the fifth pick in the first round of the draft.

"They have a new offensive system out there and they're just throwing the ball around. They have a receiver Cody Hoffman that's done some great things over there and they've used him really well over there. I feel like I could come in and kind of be like that for them, so I've definitely done some homework on the football aspect."

Kurtz has offers from the likes of BYU, Akron, Cal, Illinois, Kentucky, Texas Tech and Utah State. He is looking to get the most out of his scholarship, and that includes more than simply the game of football itself.

"So much comes with football," said Kurtz. "It's not just about the game. They focus on their players and you're held accountable to go to class and to get a degree. It just feels like that when you build a relationship with them it helps to build you into being a better player, a better person and a better father. That's what I love about football, is there is so much more to it."

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