Holder boys still in the recruiting fray

Mikah and Alijah Holder currently hold six and seven scholarship offers, respectively. The latest university to throw its hat into the ring is Yale, which had a coach visit them earlier this week, as did Arizona, Oregon State and U.C. Davis. Meanwhile, Coach Howell of BYU has been in contact the twins, who are still trying to see if they can make it out to BYU for Junior Day on June 8.

Coach Kray of Yale University flew all the way out to California this week to visit Oceanside High School's football twins Alijah and Mikah Holder. He gave them some insight into what Yale had to offer.

"They ended up coming down a couple of days earlier last week before they offered," said Mikahh. "Coach Kray just showed us everything he knows about the criteria that we need to get into the school and stuff about the school."

"Coach Kray came by, I think, Monday or Tuesday and showed us what their academics and statistics are in how well their football players graduate," said Alijah. "He was telling us that if you want to go to the league it's not bad to go to Yale if you're good enough. He was just trying to get it across to us that Yale is a good all-around school. If you're looking for higher goals like reaching the NFL you can still do that like the SEC schools, but you just have to be a good player and work hard."

The offer from Yale was the twins' first Ivy League offer.

"Yeah, our parents are pretty proud," said Mikahh.

Coaches from Arizona, Oregon State and U.C. Davis visited the twins on Wednesday, while Stanford is supposed to make a visit down to Oceanside High School as well.

"Coach Rod Smith, [Arizona's] quarterback coach was here," Alijah. "He's cool and he's really … oh, what's the word for it? He's really friendly, I guess. He's more like a friend than a coach to me when he's down here."

"Yesterday, Arizona came back out and Oregon State came out and we had seen the coach there," said Mikahh. "We're happy that Stanford is coming out either Friday or next week, and there have been coaches coming in and out. Those are the main ones that we've been looking into."

So does that mean that the Holder twins have narrowed their focus down to Arizona, which has offered, and Stanford and Oregon State, which haven't yet?

"No, we're still looking at all the colleges really because there are some that have offered that we haven't visited yet like BYU," Mikahh said. "I want to visit the college first to get a better feel of the college. We're trying to see if we can visit some place to kind of help us narrow our decision down."

"We're going to try and high a junior day this summer," said Alijah. "Coach Howell just talked to me [Wednesday] and he was talking to me about getting us up there so we could see the campus and meet the other recruits and things like that. So, if we're going to go it will definitely be June 8th for their Junior Day. We just need to find away to get up there."

The boys are still hoping to travel up to Utah with the AIGA Foundation, which will be visiting some of the various college campuses in the state of Utah this summer.

"Our plan basically is if we can try to go with AIGA, that would be our number one plan because it would be the most convenient way for us to travel up there with people we know," said Mikahh. "It would be a comfortable way to travel because we know the coaches and some of the kids that would travel up there."

The BYU coaches have been very diligent in their efforts show interest in the twins.

"They're doing well and we keep in touch and they send a lot of mail, so we keep in touch with them," said Mikahh. "We're trying to be able to go down to BYU. That would be cool."

The coach from BYU making an effort to get both Alijah and Mikahh to visit BYU is Coach Howell.

"I think he was here last week or two weeks ago," Alijah said. "He's definitely more like a coach and, you know, tries to get to know us too. That's kind of what BYU is about – family and football. You know, stuff like that. He's cool."

"He's a cool dude and it's nice talking to him," said Mikahh. "He nice and we're very comfortable talking with him, and it's cool that we can relate with him."

Oceanside High School's head coach, Wes Drinkwater, has expressed to the Holder twins that he would like them to make a commitment early. In an interview with Greg Biggins just three days ago, Alijah mentioned that they were leaning towards Arizona.

"My coach really wants us to commit early," Alijah told Biggins. "He doesn't want our offers to get pulled if a team we like meets their quota for our position and can't take any more players. Plus I think he wants us to be able to focus on our season this year without the distraction of recruiting.

"We're still feeling Arizona quite a bit and we talk with the coaches a lot. We both loved our visit and feel really comfortable with [the] school, the football program, the coaches and the players out there. It's a good fit for us so we'll see what happens."

Alijah also expressed to Biggins that if they do commit early, they still would like to take official visits.

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