Watson to make some visits

With Yale and Fresno State having now offered, Centennial High School running back Tre Watson currently has nine total scholarship offers. He plans on taking a few unofficial visits to Fresno and Cal while coming up to Provo to visit BYU for Junior Day.

So what's the latest with Corona, California running back Tre Watson? Well, for starters he just picked up two more scholarship offers to go with the seven he previously had.

"I got one from Yale and another from Fresno State," he said. "Yale is a great honor and is more of an academic scholarship instead of a full-ride football scholarship. I'll be heading out to Fresno State this Friday for a Nike camp in San Francisco, so on my way I'm going to stop by Fresno State and Cal. So, right now I have nine offers. I have BYU, Utah, Toledo, Cal, Washington State, Nevada, Fresno State, Yale and New Mexico."

Meanwhile, another program visited Watson's school this week.

"There was a coach from Vanderbilt down here [on Tuesday] to watch us practice," said Watson. "They were back out here again today. We got to interact a little two days ago and he got to watch me practice. I was just doing what I do."

As for BYU, Watson is in constant communication with his recruiters.

"I'm still talking to them and I'm coming up there next month," said Watson. "I'm going out there June 6th or 7th and I'm excited. I want to look at the environment and see where it's located. I want to talk to all the coaches and get to know them. I also want to talk to some of the players and get to know them. I want to check out the stadium and see how it is and get a feel for how the campus is."

Watson gave the coaches of BYU high remarks when it comes to their efforts.

"Oh yeah, they're definitely on top of their game. I've communicated more with them than any other college," said Watson. "They pretty much want me to come in there and take over. Coach Anae and Coach Atuaia have been talking to me and doing a good job in recruiting me. They want me to come in and play running back mainly."

Watson's relationship with Coach Anae and Coach Atuaia is very solid.

"That's a great, great, great relationship," said Watson. "Me and Coach Atuaia are really close and I love him. He's a funny guy and I can talk to him about anything."

BYU, and many other teams, place more responsibility than just running the ball on the shoulders of their running backs. Watson understands this and has been working on all facets of his game.

"This offseason, since Centennial doesn't really throw the ball, I've been focusing a lot on my catches," he said. "That's an area where I can improve at because I know at the next level I'm not just going to be running the ball but also catching it. I think I have it pretty down pat but I'm still working hard at it along with my running. That way I can do what I have to do wherever I go."

Prior to becoming a running back coach at BYU, Atuaia received his law degree from BYU. Interestingly enough, there is a connection here between coach and recruit.

"When I go up to BYU, my main priority is to check out their academics," said Watson. "I want to check out their criminal justice department and see how it is. I want to talk to the coaches about that, so when I get out there I want to get a feel for all that and see how it is and where it takes me."

Watson is looking forward to his upcoming visit to BYU.

"I'm very excited because BYU was my second offer and so it was very early," said Watson. "I also have a close friend, who actually is one of my former teammates, that's going up to BYU. His name is Joe Wheat and he tells me all kind of great things about BYU, so I'm excited to get up there. He was our wideout last year and was thinking of walking on [to] the team, but I know he's going up there for academics. We're really close."

When Watson comes up to BYU, he won't do so alone.

"I'm going up there with my mom," Watson said. "She's excited and wants to see the school and see what it's all about. She's heard a lot of great things so she can't wait."

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