Chambers making some noise

Austin Chambers currently has two offers on the table. However, other colleges are coming around and testing the recruiting waters. Colleges such as Arkansas and Nebraska are making an effort to get Chambers on campus for further evaluations.

It wasn't long ago that BYU recruit Austin Chambers headed up to Illinois to attend a recent Rivals camp where he apparently turned in quite the performance.

"I went up to the Chicago Rivals camp and I did really well. I was one of the two top offensive line performers for the camp," said Chambers. "The following week I was named among the top 50 for offensive line in the Rivals' write-up. They had a top 50 come out for the offensive line, and I was rated around 30-something. It was awesome and kind of a reward for working so hard."

That wasn't the only camp where he impressed.

"I also went down to Georgia to attend the Nike S.P.A.R.Q. combine," Chambers said. "I had one of the furthest medicine ball throws out there. I had one of the higher scores there at the camp. In the one-on-ones, I did really well against the SEC talent out there. It was fun to match up against the SEC talent out there and really fun. You did see a bunch of freak athletes down there and speedy d-ends down there and everything, but nothing that I would say was superior to my talent. I thought I fit in well and was able to compete with them just the same."

Chambers has also been doing well in the weight room.

"I'm almost 6'6" now and I'm at 6'5" and a half right now," Chambers said. "My max bench is 340 right now and my squat is 450. My power push is 285 and my clean is 290."

Meanwhile, Chambers is mulling over a date in which he can come out to Provo with his father to attend a BYU game at LaVell Edwards Stadium. He hopes then to work out with Coach Tujague.

"Actually, I think me and my dad are planning on coming out to BYU for at least for one day, so that way I can work with [Tujague] a bit," said Chambers. "We're trying to finalize the date of which game I can make it out there to then work out with him a little bit."

In fact, Coach Tujague visited Chambers at Shawnee Mission West High School just this week.

"I was able to talk with him and my coach, so it was good to talk with him," said Chambers. "Coach Hill from Missouri also came by and he's been pushing me to come out to their camps. He really wants me to come out there so they can get their hands on me a little bit. They've been really excited about me from the start and want me to take that next step to show some interest in Missouri."

When Coach Tujague speaks, his words naturally reflect an inspirational and motivational tone that just seems to come easy. When Chambers was there visiting BYU, he personally saw the affect Coach Tujague had on his players.

"I'm so impressed with Coach Tujague and with everything he does," said Chambers. "Just the way he carries himself and the way he talks to me. He's always going to be straightforward and tell me what I need to hear rather than what I want to hear. I was able to go to one of their practices over my spring break. You could see how the players just respected him the moment he stepped into the room.

"That says a lot about a coach. You could see how the players were excited to work hard for him and really wanted to perform for him. It's important for a coach to have the type of relationship with their players to demand the best from them, and for a coach to command that kind of respect makes it much easier for him to do so."

Meanwhile, Kansas is the other university besides BYU to have offered Chambers.

"From Kansas, I've talked with Coach Grunhard and Coach Weis a lot on the phone," said Chambers. "I love them a lot and both are great coaches. I'm interested in see how much KU improves next season. You can really tell they've been working hard to turn that program around."

Knowing that Chambers is LDS, the Jayhawk coaching staff has spoken to him about BYU transfer Jake Heaps, who is now competing for a starting quarterback position.

"They have talked about Jake Heaps and they love him out there," said Chambers. "He had a great spring game and he played great. It seems like it's really coming together for him up at KU. I'm happy for him."

Kansas has another LDS connection as well with defensive coordinator Dave Campo.

"He and Jake Heaps are in the same ward," said Chambers. "The very first time I visited KU, Coach Campo came up and talked to me and told me that I would be completely able to live my faith out there. It was nice to hear from him."

The battle between BYU and Kansas for Chambers' services is being hotly contested.

"You know, BYU is going a very good job," Chambers said. "Just talking with Coach Tujague and getting to know him more, he thinks I can help BYU win more. He also thinks he can help me become a better football player. You can tell that BYU is motivated to win, and that they are working hard to win a national championship. You can tell that Coach Mendenhall and his staff aren't satisfied with being okay. They want to be great and that's something that really seeps through when talking with Coach Tujague. BYU is making those strides to compete with Alabama and other top schools across the country."

Chambers believes that the Cougar coaches are very active in furthering BYU's program for a few different reasons.

"I think it's because they have a love for the game and a love to compete and win," said Chambers. "That's something that I get from Coach Tujague all the time is just striving to be better to compete every day and win. BYU has that will to compete and desire to win, and with winning comes national championships and that's what they're fighting for.

"I also definitely think that with BYU becoming independent, they're able to play bigger teams around the country on ESPN. It definitely shines a wonderful spotlight on the school because of the type of standards there and because it is an LDS school. To be able to win with players that have high moral standards and character would be a great example to others."

However, Chambers is also hearing a lot from Arkansas and Nebraska.

"The Arkansas offensive line coach [Sam Pittman] came by and we were able to talk, and he really liked my nastiness on the field," said Chambers. "He's been trying to get me to come down to their camp. Also, Nebraska has been talking to me. I've been talking to Coach Garrison from up there a lot and have a really good relationship with him."

Nebraska was recruiting Chambers earlier but backed off a little. However, the Cornhuskers have resurfaced and are sort of feeling out where Chambers stands.

"Nebraska is excited about me and they really like me, but after BYU offered me they almost kind of stopped for a while," Chambers said. "It's kind of like if they're trying to see if I'm already committed to BYU, but they also want me to come down to their camp. My coach kind of told me that when BYU offers it's kind of the kiss of death for other schools."

Shawnee Mission West High School head coach Tim Callaghan is familiar with the LDS faith thanks in part to the Chambers family.

"I'm really close to my coach and he knows my family," said Chambers. "He knows a lot about the LDS religion and he knows my older brother who played for him. He saw him go on a mission to L.A. My sister [Jessica] is also going on a mission, and she went into the MTC [on Wednesday] to go serve in Washington D.C."

Like many members of BYU's football team, and members of his own family, Chambers plans on serving a mission following high school.

"I do plan on serving a mission," he said. "With the new age standard lowering, it's a dream come true for football players. I plan to go right out of high school so I can come back and play by the time I'm 20."

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