Cole Murdoch joins TBS staff

Total Blue Sports has been covering BYU athletics and recruiting news for the span of 10 years now. Now, Cole Murdoch is joining the Total Blue Sports staff to bring additional coverage and information to BYU fans.

Total Blue Sports welcomes Cole Murdoch to the staff. Murdoch will assist in bringing further coverage of recruiting by providing relevant and timely information for BYU fans.

"I look forward to working with Talo Steves, Matt Hodge and Jedd Parkinson with contributing as much as I can for BYU fans," Murdoch said. "I'm really excited about the opportunity and have been very interested in covering recruiting and other aspects relating to BYU."

"Cole has shown a great interest in following BYU recruits," said Talo Steves. "He's shown great passion and ability to cover and report any updates relating to potential recruits and we look forward to seeing his work. We believe the addition of Cole Murdoch to the TBS staff will assist me in helping to provide greater coverage for BYU fans everywhere."

We wish to welcome Cole Murdoch as an official member of the Total Blue Sports staff.

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