BYU offers Texas athlete

Coach Holliday and Coach Howell have been down to Texas to evaluate and recruit players from Brenham High School. After some extensive evaluations, Coach Mendenhall extended an offer to two-way Texas athlete Courtland Sutton.

Courtland Sutton plays various positions on offense and defense for Brenham High School. His size and athleticism have allowed his coaches to use him in various spots on the field given the need or game plan.

"I usually play safety and the tight end/receiver spot," said Sutton. "The coaches will come to me and tell me they need me on a short yardage gain or a red zone situation. I'll go play wideout or tight end to help the offense.

"Sometimes I'll play an outside linebacker and at times will put my hand down and play a nine technique. It really just all depends on what our game plan is that week. With my speed and size, the coaches can use me in different ways and at different positions where I can work it to our advantage. I'm around 200 pounds at around 6'3" and a half and run around a 4.5 in the forty, but I also have good game speed because of my stride. I feel that my versatility helps me out a lot and makes it easier for the coaches to be successful in what they're trying to do."

Brenham runs a flexible defense, which has allowed Sutton to be able to play outside linebacker or even defensive end at times when he's not playing the safety position.

"I don't know what my tackles were but I had around five interceptions last year," Sutton said. "We run a lot of zone DB-wise and do a lot of stuff with the linebackers and defensive line. Sometimes we'll run a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense depending on what we want to do. It's a pretty versatile defense that we run and one reason why I'm able to do different things. I'm able to do different things based on what we run on our defense. I can match up with some of the taller receivers or go up against a slow offensive tackle. I feel like it helps out my coaches big-time and it makes me want to work harder and get better being able to play multiple positions."

As of now Sutton currently has five offers on the table, with more to possibly come in the future.

"I have Colorado, BYU, Rice, Tulsa and Texas State," said Sutton. "I've also been talking to a whole bunch of schools like Minnesota, the University of Houston, UTSA, TCU, and talking to Texas a little bit ... I've also been talking to Utah a little bit. I've also got a whole bunch of mail coming in, but the ones that I've mentioned are the ones pushing me the hardest."

Out of the five colleges that have offered, the two that currently stand out to Sutton are Colorado and BYU.

"Colorado recruits really hard and their style is different than anyone else's, and BYU stands out also with how they recruit because their style is different also," said Sutton. "The way the coaches came down and the way they talk to me and how their head coach called me and gave me the offer really stands out. I think I like that a little bit more, but those two colleges really stick out to me by how they're recruiting me right now."

Sutton has some familiarity with BYU's program.

"I haven't sat down yet and looked up the stats, but have just been going off of what Coach Howell has been telling me about their defense," said Sutton. "I'll have to get down and do that here soon though, but what he's been telling me has been awesome and I watched BYU play last season."

What did Sutton think of BYU's defense last year?

"Their defense is very stingy when it comes to giving up yardage and touchdowns and things like that," Sutton said. "I saw them play against different teams on ESPN. They were nice and quick to the ball and don't let offenses get too comfortable with what they were trying to do. What I have to start doing is looking up people's stats and things like that, but I've seen and heard about BYU's defense being really good."

Coach Mendenhall spoke to Sutton on the phone and informed him that he was going to extend to him a scholarship offer to BYU.

"I was kind of happy and excited about the BYU offer because Coach Howell and Coach Holliday came down and they were talking to me and things like that," said Sutton. "I was kind of joking around with some of my friends telling them it was like a job interview. Coach Howell was quizzing me to see if I knew my football and was quizzing me on my coverages and making sure I knew what I was talking about."

How did Sutton do when Coach Howell put him on the spot? Well, he thinks he did pretty well.

"I feel like I impressed Coach Howell pretty well," said Sutton with a chuckle. "He told me that he liked the way I was able to answer his questions. He thought I was really well spoken, and so I was kind of hoping that an offer would be on the table in the future from BYU. When Coach Mendenhall called me up I knew it was a big deal and got pretty excited. After he gave me the offer I was really excited to have spoken to him."

Coach Mendenhall shared with Sutton what the Cougar assistant coaches had to say about him.

"When I called him and talked to him he was telling me how impressed Coach Holliday and Coach Howell were and how excited they are about me," said Sutton. "He said they mentioned how I did wonderful in answering their questions and things like that. It was really nice and an honor to hear some of those things from him. He said he was excited about me coming up there and feels that I would do well in their program as a safety or outside linebacker because there's a need there after this year. He said he would like to see me compete and be able to replace him. He said he really wants me to come up and see the campus, so when I was able to talk to him it's always a big thing for me. Whenever a head coach takes time out of his day to talk to a kid from a small town it's a pretty big thing for me. It was nice to hear from Coach Mendenhall and a big thing for me."

With BYU's high academic standards and values, as well as the football team's national schedule full of games to be aired on ESPN's network, Sutton is intrigued quite a bit by the school.

"BYU is very, very intriguing and something I'm going to look more into it," said Sutton. "When people ask me about when it comes down to my top schools, BYU will definitely be one of my top schools. I did look into BYU a little and found out that they were independent. When I talked to some of my friends about it, they said that means they can play anybody around the country. Then with the new bowl game situation that's going on, they'll be able to play anybody and better help themselves win a national championship. It's definitely going to help when it comes down to it."

Sutton is also impressed with BYU's assistant coaches.

"Coach Howell and Coach Holliday are definitely recruiting me pretty hard, and Coach Holliday is pretty funny," said Sutton with a laugh. "When I spoke to him one day, he told me that one of his colleagues saw that I had done an interview and didn't pick BYU as one of my top schools on there. He was like, ‘If we're going to be coming down there and see you, then you gotta put us as one of your top schools!' He said, ‘I don't want to be coming all the way down here if there's no interest in us.' He really cracked me up and made me laugh. Coach Holliday is a great guy and no other coaches have really quizzed me and pushed my knowledge on football the way he and Coach Howell have. It kind of helped me to know what I need to learn in order to be a better athlete. When they came down, it definitely helped out big time and they seem like great coaches to play for."

With that being the case, Sutton wanted to redeem himself by sending Coach Holliday and Coach Howell a little message.

"I want to tell Coach Holliday that I'm definitely putting BYU as one of my top schools," Sutton said. "BYU is definitely one of the schools I'm considering right now."

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