BYU offers Texas corner

The BYU coaches are looking for some defensive backs to add to the class of 2014. Coach Holliday and Coach Howell have been down in the state of Texas mining the rich talent there. They've identified a defensive back worthy of a BYU scholarship offer.

Thomas Dillon of Kinkaid High School has been offered by BYU.

"Recruiting-wise, it's just getting started for me," said Dillon. "I have four offers. I have North Texas, BYU, Colorado and Fresno State. Fresno State was my first offer."

Doubling as a wide receiver and defensive back for Kinkaid, the 5-foot-11-inch, 175-pound Dillon is projected to be a cornerback at the next level.

"As a defensive back I consider myself a ball-hawk and I like getting interceptions. I don't really like batting balls down, I like picks. As a receiver, I'm not as good running routes but my hands are good and I'm quick and have good speed."

Not only does Dillon pride himself on getting interceptions, but he also considers himself a hitter on defense.

"I mean, I'll hit you if you come my way," he said. "With what we do I just like to shut down that side of the field."

Kinkaid's defense runs a 4-2-5 scheme. The coaches will utilize Dillon in a few different ways on defense.

"I play the strong side of the field but it usually depends on who we play," Dillon said. "If they have a good receiver and he lines up on one side or the other I'll follow him, but I usually play on the open side. Sometimes I'm on an island but sometimes I'll have safety help over the top. It just really depends on the coverage. I like to play like I'm on an island regardless."

As for recruiting, Dillon stated he enjoys the recruiting process and speaks to college coaches often.

"From Colorado I'm being recruited by Coach Walters. From BYU, Coach Howell is the one that's recruiting me. He's a straight shooter and Coach Holliday is a straight shooter as well. I feel like the whole program is full of straight shooters. They're not really playing when it comes to recruiting and getting players. They're going to shoot you straight."

Dillon said both BYU's and Colorado's coaches are doing a great job of developing a personal relationship with him.

"When I talk to Coach Holliday it's more about education and about family. When I talk to Coach Walters it's about the campus and how it looks and what goes on at Colorado. I mean, they do a great job at that."

When asked what he's learned so far about the schools recruiting him, Dillon replied, "Good football, and I know most of those schools, if not all of them, are rising programs. So, I know Colorado is Pac-12 … They're looking for athletes to compete there. BYU is independent football, so I know they have a tough schedule year in and year out. That's really what I like to see is a tough schedule. That's what I like about BYU, and then I know it's a Mormon school and stuff like that. I feel for me it's not a big change from the lifestyle that I'm living now. That wouldn't be a big deal."

Dillon has done some homework on BYU and what the school would provide if he chose to attend it.

"I know they have the Marriott School of Business," said Dillon. "I know that's big there. That's something that I want to do, like sports business or sports marketing or something like that. I want to do something in that area, so a strong business school would be nice. I don't know what the other [schools' business programs] are. I haven't really researched them. I just know BYU, and I want to say they have like a top-five business program year in and year out. Then most schools have good business schools, but if people notice that school coming out of college, you might be able to get a good job. I know BYU could do that."

He also knows a little about BYU's football program.

"Big-time football," Dillon said. "I think they're trying to get into the rankings and I know their defense is like top-10 every year. I'm a defensive player so I like that. It's just big-time football and they're winning games."

As of now Dillon doesn't claim a favorite college. He wants to wait until he's able to take some visits first before he starts the process of choosing where he'll attend school.

"Once I see some campuses and see what the actual student life is like, and what the campus is like, and what the city is like and if it's busy or not busy and stuff like that, then I think I can start leaning towards schools. But I have to get on campuses first."

Come the first week of June, that's exactly what he's going to do.

"I want to hit up a lot of schools over the summer," said Dillon. "I'm heading up to BYU and will be up there on June 7th and see how it actually feels."

While on campus, Dillon would like to speak with students and get their viewpoint.

"I would have to talk to a lot of kids that go there now to get a true read on the school, so I want to do that when I go on my visits," said Dillon. "I at least want to talk to some of the kids that don't play sports and then with some of them that do just to get both sides of the story to see how the school is overall."

He's also looking for a college community where he'll feel accepted and more at home.

"I want to go to a school that after football season is over, people still know you," Dillon said. "It's not that they just know you during football season, but that people will still talk to you after the football season."

In addition, Dillon is hoping to be among people with the same standards.

"Yeah, that is huge," Dillon said. "I mean, it's just the way you live. You're going to be there most of the year, and so if it's just not sitting right, you're not going to have a fun experience at school. I want college to be something where you can have fun and learn from."

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