Warner excited to visit BYU

Outside linebacker Fred Warner committed to BYU after attending the Cougars' spring game earlier this year. Since that time he's received quite a bit of interest from various colleges and coaches who've tested the strength of his BYU commitment. He's coming up to Provo next week and is excited to attend BYU's Junior Day.

It wasn't long ago that highly talented LDS athlete Fred Warner from Mission Hills High School in California was offered by the coaching staff of BYU.

"I keep in contact with the coaches all the time," Warner said. "I keep in contact with them through Twitter or email, Facebook and things like that pretty much every day. I really feel loved over there."

Knowing what kind of talent they have in Warner, the BYU coaches are staying on top of their game. It wasn't long after Warner committed to BYU that other programs came calling.

"I've received like three or four different offers since I committed to BYU," said Warner. "I guess a lot of colleges love the type of person I am and the way I play. My coach still talks to a lot of different colleges because a teammate of mine is a D-I athlete and he has a few Pac-12 offers from colleges. They're really relentless and come after me because they've seen the type of person and athlete that I am.

"Since BYU offered me, it went Washington State being the first to offer me after I committed, then it went Cal, Washington, then Boise State with other colleges sending me letters and stuff like that."

Even USC came down to take a closer look.

"Yeah, they came out to a spring practice a few weeks ago and they liked how I was moving," said Warner. "They want me to go out to their camp and have been sending me letters and stuff."

Despite the new interest he has received, Warner has made it clear that he's firmly committed to BYU. However, that hasn't deterred their efforts in the least.

"Yeah, I told them but they said they're still going to recruit me hard and let me know what the best fit for me is," said Warner. "I've told them that I've committed to BYU and they said they respect that, but they're still going to recruit me hard. Just stuff like that."

While Warner continues to receive recruiting interest from prying eyes, he recently finished competing with B2G in passing tournaments, where his success surely fueled more college interest.

"I got done doing my B2G stuff about a month ago," said Warner. "I competed in like three or four different tournaments and did really well in all of those. I had around five picks in every one of those tournaments. Our team got invited to go to Florida to play in a national seven-on-seven tournament, and so that was pretty cool. I'm just working out every day and staying conditioned so I can play at the best level that I can for the season coming up."

Next week BYU will host a Junior Day with many recruits in attendance. Warner will be one of the commits that plans on being there.

"I'm coming up to BYU next week, next Friday for Junior Day," Warner said. "I'm really excited and can't wait for it. When I was up there last time it was super fun and I can't wait to get back up there and see the coaches again, especially [Director of Football Operations] Duane Busby. I love Duane Busby."

While attending Junior Day, Warner will have his first opportunity to actually be coached by his future college coach, Coach Poppinga.

"I'm going to go to a Junior Day and do a little workout," said Warner. "I'll be doing a workout with Coach Poppinga and different linebacker drills with other linebackers that will be up there. I'm pretty excited about that."

Coach Poppinga recently went down to Mission Hills to watch Warner work out with his football team.

"He's been down here a few times during the spring recruiting period," Warner said. "He just loves the way I play and has watched me. He said a lot of the way I play now is how I'll be playing when I get up there at BYU. I'll be coming off the edge a lot and Coach Poppinga says I'm really fast off the edge and I'll be able to get the quarterback. He tells me that I've got good feet and I'm really agile and tells me different facts about BYU and how I'll be playing over there."

When Warner came up to BYU the first time, he came up with his younger brother Troy and his family friend Bradley Corbett. This time he'll be coming up with his mother Laura.

"[At Junior Day] they'll have like a little barbeque for people who have committed and have offers, and then I was told that they have a little thing for me and my mom because she hasn't been up there since she went to college at BYU. She's going to meet all the coaches and things like that because she hasn't been up there in a while."

While Warner is currently establishing a name for himself, the athletic reputation of the Warner family won't stop with Fred. His younger brother Troy will be a 2016 recruit.

"My little brother will be next and he's a freshman now and just turned 15. He'll be a sophomore next year," said Warner. "He plays corner, free safety and receiver. He came up with me last time I came up to BYU and really liked it. He's the next one coming up."

In the meantime, Fred Warner is still firm in the BYU camp despite the rush of new offers and interest from others colleges.

"Yeah, I'm still strongly committed with BYU all the way," Warner said. "I'm working hard this offseason and I'm going to have a breakout season this next season. That way when I come up to BYU I can continue to dominate, so look out for Fred Warner because I'm coming."

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