Cook excited for Junior Day

Vista Murrieta High School star linebacker Tyler Cook currently has tons of offers on the table. Next week the 6-foot-4-inch, 220-pound outside linebacker will be heading to BYU's Junior Day.

Next week BYU will host many top recruits and prospects from all across the country. Junior Day is coming up and many high school football players are waiting in anticipation. One such prospect is top-rated outside linebacker Tyler Cook from Southern California.

"I'm excited to come up to BYU for Junior Day next week," said Cook. "I'll be heading up there Friday night or Saturday morning, but I'm pretty sure it's Friday night. I have finals that day but luckily my teacher is going to let me take the test early so I can head up there."

While recruits get to participate in some fun activities, Cook is most excited about something else.

"What I'm really looking forward to is being coached by the coaches up there," said Cook. "I'm looking forward to going out there and seeing what it's all about. This will be my first time being coached by Coach Poppinga. I cannot wait to get up there and have that experience for the first time."

For Cook, being able to learn from someone like Coach Poppinga has him feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

"That is a perfect example," Cook said with excitement. "I talked to him recently but we didn't really talk about the camp. I think what we'll do when I get up there is run through some drills and do some workouts. Hopefully we'll be able to do some seven-on-seven competitions up there because that's what I'm really looking forward to."

The relationship Cook has with BYU's outside linebacker coach is based on personal trust and friendship. When talking about Coach Poppinga, Cook lit up with compliments.

"He's an incredible guy," Cook said. "We'll talk about everything. We'll go from talking about family stuff to what we did the previous week to when I'm coming up to BYU next to see him. He's just a great guy and he has a great personality."

When Cook comes up to BYU's Junior Day he'll be bringing his best friend, 6-foot, 185-pound safety Randy Beggs.

"He's doing really good and is also excited about heading up there," Cook said about Beggs. "He has three offers right now. One is from Yale and the other is from Pennsylvania, but I know his biggest interest is BYU. He's really pumped to get up there to get to camp and see the campus."

Meanwhile, Cook has racked up a lot of his own offers. His most recent offer came last week from Yale. He also has offers from BYU, San Jose State, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Vanderbilt, Duke, Fresno State, Boise State, Colorado, Colorado State, Washington State, Miami and Utah State.

Being such a highly talented prospect with a ton of upside and potential, Cook has to balance personal time with all the attention he's received from college coaches.

"I mean, it's been definitely crazy and I get my phone blown up and my Facebook and Twitter blown up all the time," said Cook with a slight laugh. "I just find ways to balance it out and handle all that stuff. Talking to coaches all the time while handling schoolwork and workouts can be kind of a hassle at times, but it's definitely worth it."

There will be other top LDS prospects joining Cook at BYU's Junior Day. Fred Warner will be in attendance, as will St. John Bosco High School offensive tackle Damien Mama.

"Yeah, I've got my boy Damien Mama coming up there too who is LDS," said Cook. "Me and him are really close and we talk all the time. He's like my big brother. I know even though he has an offer from colleges like Alabama, I think BYU is his number-one school. He's just a great guy and a humble kid."

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