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BYU commit Jordan Preator has had a busy spring, and has been very active as he prepares for his BYU future. The defensive back is anxious to get to Provo and begin his football career as a Cougar.

The defensive backfield for BYU has been a group highly scrutinized for a long time. In recent years, this position group has been solid, and as a result BYU's defense has been a force to be reckoned with. Joining the ranks in the secondary is Freemont High's Jordan Preator, who just recently graduated from high school.

"I actually graduated on Monday the 20th," said Preator. "Now I'm just lifting, working out, trying to get ready for summer football."

Many athletes participate in track to work on their speed or endurance, but Jordan has been doing something else to stay in shape and keep his body in top physical condition.

"I actually play soccer." Preator said. "It went pretty well. We did alright, we made it to the playoffs. We lost our first playoff game, but we had a pretty good team this year, we had a lot of fun. I played forward."

Preator did have some tough luck during his senior year, as he went down with an injury.

"I got hurt right at the start of my senior year in football," Preator noted. "I tore my hamstring. I tore it like three weeks before the start of the season, but tried to play in the opening game and made it worse. So I just decided to sit out, and then tried to come back and I actually played in the last three games. The first two went pretty okay, but then I re-tore it at the end and just wrapped it up really good for the third game. I didn't want to miss the end of my last season. I sat out from playing basketball this year, and feel pretty good to go right now."

In regards to recruiting, Preator had a busy summer between his junior and senior seasons.

"I was offered by Hawaii and BYU. I talked to a whole bunch of other schools, but none of them ended up offering. It worked out though, because I got the one that I wanted. I talked to Utah, Utah State, Weber State, a whole bunch of JUCOs, and my coach talked to Oregon and Boise State a little bit for me, but they both lost interest when I got hurt. The main schools though that I talked to a lot were Utah, BYU, Weber State, and Hawaii."

With offers from Hawaii and BYU, what was it about BYU that earned his commitment in the end?

"Well I went down to BYU for their Junior Day, and got to talk to Coach Mendenhall a bit, and that is when I actually got offered," Preator said. "Coach Mendenhall asked me to tell him the five most important things that I wanted in my life. So I listed for him what I thought the five most important things were to me, and he showed me how BYU is going to help me accomplish all five of my goals better than any other school. That really stuck with me, and in the end kind of shored up my commitment to BYU."

Preator received his offseason workout plan issued by the Cougar coaching staff a few days after the soccer season ended, and he has already gotten started.

"Man, today was a killer!" Preator said with a laugh last week. "My workout I did today was incline bench with sets of 20, what they call ‘supersets,' then I did pushups between the sets. I did some cardio with running, I went out with my friend's stepdad and we swam a bit. Then I got some triceps in."

Preator was initially offered a scholarship to play safety at BYU, but with the injury to cornerback Trent Tramell, has that changed the coaches' plans for him?

"I don't know man," Preator said. "Yes, initially it was safety and with all the players getting hurt they did tell me that I might move to corner. They just told me to be ready to play whichever."

When asked to break down his game, Preator replied, "Oh man, I don't know. Uh, I could improve on my footwork a lot for playing defense. My strengths are that I'm quick, so I can cover a lot of ground quickly. I guess the things that I really want to work on are my footwork, and putting on some weight, you know? Just getting stronger."

With fall camp looming large right around the corner, Preator keeps in contact with the coaches.

"Yeah, I talk to Coach Howell about once a week, so that's good. I really like him. He basically just tells me to keep my head straight, make sure I'm good in the classroom, and getting my workouts done."

Preator hasn't had his "measurables" tested for a while, but was kind enough to share his times and lifts from the last time that he was tested.

"Well I actually maxed out on bench a week or so ago, and I benched 275. I haven't maxed my squat for a few months, but last time I maxed it was 405. I haven't tested my 40 since before I tore my hamstring, but before I tore it I ran a 4.39 hand timed, so it'd probably be in the 4.5 range electronically."

So is Preator completely back from his hamstring tear, or is that injury still nagging at him?

"It still bothers me a little, I wouldn't say that I'm completely back. It might bother me for a while, because I just tried to come back too fast. It doesn't bother me at all when I'm playing, but just the day after I feel it, it's a little bit sore."

The original plan that the coaching staff had was to redshirt Preator his first year, and then have him on scholarship from then on out. However, that plan has changed.

"Yeah, that was the original plan, but now they just want me to come right in and compete. I think the extra scholarship came from the changed missionary age," Preator explained.

Preator has a few goals in mind for his freshman year at BYU.

"Play – I want to be on that field, man." Preator said. "It's fun to watch that team, and see how that defense plays, I just want to be a part of it. I can't wait to get down there, and play with my teammates."

Obviously Cougar fans share his excitement for both the season and for Preator's future as a BYU Cougar.

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