Murray hoping for BYU offer

Does BYU still have one scholarship left to give for the class of 2013? It's apparent the Cougar coaches are still in the hunt for one more cornerback for 2013, and have been in recent contact with him.

Just finishing up the regular semester at Ventura College in Southern California, Lakeith Murray will then take one more class over the summer before he graduates and moves on.

"I'm still at my junior college and then I'll start summer school on June 17th," Murray said. "I'll be finished around July 15th. I have one class to take and it's anthropology. I think I'm going to enjoy the class. In fact, I was so excited about it I actually woke up early thinking it was school yesterday. My favorite subject is actually astronomy but I really enjoy those types of classes. When I first got out here to Ventura, they didn't have my college transcripts from my old school. That's one reason why it's taking me so long."

Murray recently spoke to one of BYU's coaches.

"I actual spoke to Coach Howell two days ago or yesterday," said Murray. "He just wanted and update from me to see where I'm at and how things are going. He's still really interested in me and just waiting on me to do what I'm supposed to do, so I'm just doing my part right now to get things done."

Although BYU has yet to extend a full-ride scholarship offer to Murray, he feels the interest in him is genuine.

"Nah, they wouldn't still be talking to me [if they weren't interested], and they still really like me," Murray said. "I'm pretty sure if they still have a scholarship available they're going to extend it my way."

As a late qualifier, Murray knows that a majority of the major Division I programs have all but moved on from recruits in his situation. He is grateful that Coach Howell still calls him to check in and to express interest.

"It's very humbling and I can't even explain," Murray said. "I've come so far and have already been to a D-IAA and been out in California playing, so for any coach to call me has been very humbling. I never take anything for granted. So, for Coach Howell to call me and even want to talk to me is so humbling and means a lot. I really like BYU."

So if BYU was to extend an offer, would Murray commit?

"If they offer me it's definitely going to be very interesting," said Murray with a chuckle.

Murray still has two other colleges actively recruiting him.

"I still have two official offers," he said. "I have one from Marshall and another from Wyoming. I'm also getting interest from [Southern Illinois University]. Louisiana Lafayette and [Florida Atlantic] are also showing me more interest."

In the meantime, Murray won't be heading out to any colleges over the summer.

"I think what's going to end up happening is I'm going to finish up school here strong with around a 3.0 GPA. Then I'll probably just make a commitment based on who has offered after that," said Murray. "Then I'll just go out to that school a couple of days after that."

In the meantime, Murray wanted to pass along a message to BYU fans. He knows he still has to be offered by BYU before any final decision on his part is made, but he's doing all that he can to ensure that it becomes a reality.

"Yeah, just be patient and I'll finish strong," Murray said with a chuckle. "After that, then we'll see what happens."

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