Three-sport athlete high on BYU

As a three-sport athlete, Matt Bushman's schedule is filled to the brim with summer sports activities. Due to that fact, the Sabino High School athlete won't be attending BYU's Junior Day this weekend, but he will be coming out to Utah for two special occasions later in June.

Arizona tight end prospect Matt Bushman won't be attending BYU's Junior Day this weekend, but he will be up in Utah towards the end of June to participate in a few family weddings.

"I spoke to Coach Tidwell the other day and he was asking me when the next time I'll be up in Provo," said Bushman. "I'll be up there at the end of June because my brother and my sister are both getting married. I'll probably stop by and talk to the coaches for a little bit. Then hopefully towards the end of the summer I'll make my commitment to the school that I want to go to."

At this current time, Bushman doesn't have an exact date.

"Not exactly, but I need to think a little bit more and talk to some coaches," said Bushman. "After that I'll make a decision."

Recently, Bushman was on the University of Arizona's campus.

"I was at the U of A passing tournament this past weekend, and they were talking to me a little bit. I'm just trying to knock my options down to around three or four schools and hopefully make my decision pretty soon."

With quite a bit of top talented prospects in attendance, Bushman – the No. 23 tight end in his class according to Scout – apparently made an impression on the coaches there.

"They were impressed with how I did and there was good competition at this tournament," said Bushman. "There were two other tight ends that were nationally ranked, so there was some good competition out there. They just said they wanted me on their team."

His performance in the passing tournament earned him top honors.

"I think I made the all-tournament team, but they didn't have big awards for it," said Bushman.

Bushman is a busy young man. Although he is now measures in at 6 feet 5 inches and 210 pounds, he began his three-sport journey (football, baseball and basketball) when he was five years old.

"I'm just trying to get basketball in this summer, but it's just been so packed," said Bushman. "I'm not being recruited for basketball because with basketball you get recruited by going to all the tournaments and things like that. I just don't have time to do that."

He doesn't often travel with his basketball team to tournaments. There simply aren't enough hours in the day with his primary focus now being football and baseball. However, from time to time he will suit up and step out onto the basketball court to help his team.

"I mostly just play football and baseball, but I might play in a [basketball] tournament with my teammates this weekend," said Bushman. "They're having games and everything this weekend, so after football I go to some of the games occasionally. It's just one of my hobbies, so I just keep playing it. I don't expect to play it in college because I know that would be really tough, so I'm mostly focusing on football and baseball."

His stats aren't bad for someone who simply steps out onto the court as a hobby.

"I think my scoring average was around 13 points a game and like 10 rebounds," Bushman said.

As for baseball, Bushman's success has garnered him a full-ride scholarship offer.

"Then with baseball, BYU actually offered me a scholarship to play baseball as well," Bushman said. "It's pretty exciting. I just need to decide if I want to try and play both [baseball and football] or just stick with one. It's another thing that I need to think about. It would be really tough, but we'll see. I know it's hard to play all these sports and balance academics and everything."

As a baseball player, Bushman received some nice honors.

"I think I made first-team all-state for baseball as a right outfielder," said Bushman. "My arm is pretty strong and I've worked on it a little bit."

Meanwhile, his batting average is definitely eye-popping.

"I would say my biggest strength is probably hitting," he said. "My average is around 438 or 440. I had around eight homeruns as well."

Cougar coaches Brent Haring and Trent Pratt have been doing their best to sway Bushman to play baseball.

"When I was up there at BYU the last time [during spring camp], I went and saw the football team practice," said Bushman. "I also went and stopped by the baseball field too. I went on a baseball tour and kind of hung out with some of the baseball players too."

Could Utah follow BYU's lead in offering the tri-sport athlete a full-ride baseball scholarship?

"I haven't received any baseball offers other than BYU, but Utah is now pretty interested and I'm getting attention from U of A and some other schools like that," said Bushman.

Fellow Sabino High School teammate and close friend Andrew Mike is also being recruited by BYU. With 13 offers on the table, Mike is a highly recruited offensive lineman who also has a lot on his plate.

"He's getting colleges from all over the place that are calling him," said Bushman. "I think when he went up to BYU's Junior Day last year, he noticed that BYU has a different atmosphere and I think he liked it. He also liked the coaches and everything, but I'm not too sure where he wants to go and what his plans are."

Bushman feels his highly talented teammate and friend might be leaning more towards one college in particular.

"I think Coach Tidwell emails [Mike] every so often, but he just has so many colleges coming after him," said Bushman. "We're pretty good friends and everything, but I just think he wants to wait a little bit more before making a decision. I think Stanford is one of his top colleges, but he hasn't been offered by them yet. He likes BYU and everything about it though."

As for Bushman, he has offers from BYU, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State, Duke, San Diego State and Nevada.

"Boise State was talking like they could offer soon, but they wanted to see how interested I was in going to their school," Bushman said. "They're probably going to have me call sometime this week.

"Stanford is also pretty interested but they want to see how I'm going to do this season. They also want me to gain some weight. They were just saying they typically offer tight ends that are a little bit bigger, so if I was around 220 that might be the case. They're going to come watch a few games and if I do well they might offer. I guess we'll see."

In BYU's offense the tight ends are often flexed out at the h-position or y-position, forcing linebackers out in coverage. BYU's offensive coaching staff feels Bushman has the talent and the frame to be a well-rounded Cougar tight end.

"BYU is just kind of saying they don't always want me attached [to the line of scrimmage], but spread out to create problems for linebackers," said Bushman. "They also want me to block and things like that for the passing game. BYU knows that with my mission that I'll put on some weight and by being involved with the weight training program."

While Bushman won't be attending BYU's Junior Day this year, he did come up last year. The Cougar coaches got a good look at him then.

"This week I have practice and some seven-on-seven games with some local schools," Bushman said. "Yeah, I just got a little too busy to come up and be able to make it to BYU's Junior Day. I think Coach Tidwell kind of understands that I have a busy summer. I came up there last year for Junior Day camps."

Despite not being able to fit BYU's Junior Day into his busy summer schedule, Bushman considers BYU one of his top colleges.

"Yeah, BYU is definitely a school I'm highly interested in," he said. "I've been talking with Coach Tidwell pretty often. He wants to get me up there pretty soon and wants me to be a Cougar. I think they're doing a pretty good job of recruiting me. They're not overwhelming me but they keep in touch with me when they can. They're doing a pretty good job."

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