BYU offers Arizona lineman

Following Junior Day activities on Friday, BYU extended an offer to a very tall Arizona offensive lineman that is being looked at by Arizona and Arizona State. While no commitment was made following the offer, BYU is sitting very well with this prospect.

Chandon Herring once played for St. Johns High School, but has since transferred over to Perry High School where the coaching and talent level is much higher. The 6-foot-7-inch, 260-pound offensive tackle worked hard, and it paid off on the football field.

"This last year we moved down to Perry High School in Gilbert, and the football program down there is outstanding," Herring said. "I was able to work more on my speed and technique detail and I improved tremendously. I was able to drop my forty time down [by] a half second. Everything just clicked there and that's benefited me a lot."

To get his name out a little more, Herring came out to Provo, Utah with his mother to attend BYU's Junior Day.

"Camp was a great experience and the coaches were excited that I was there, and I was excited to be there for the experience," said Herring. "At the camp here we just went through individual drills to see how our footwork was and how we finished drills. The coaches weren't looking for us to do everything perfect, but wanted to see how much effort we gave along with [our] coachability. It was just a really good experience seeing how the coaches worked with what everyone had in the players there, and seeing how they molded that talent into the type of players they want."

After the camp Herring received a big surprise.

"We went in and toured the facilities after lunch, and Coach pulled me into his office and interviewed me. He made me an offer and I was excited. It was just a great experience to be offered a scholarship by Coach Mendenhall. He just started a casual conversation and then we talked about things I value in life like religion, my plans and goals. He was interested in seeing how determined I was in accomplishing those goals, and he wanted to see how I would benefit the program. It was a great talk we had."

Herring's goals at the college level fit perfectly with the ideals of Coach Mendenhall's program. It no wonder why BYU's head coach extended the offer.

"My goals are to serve a mission right after high school, get married, have a family and things like that," said Herring. "I just want to get a good education and have a great career after college."

While Herring is happy about his BYU offer, his father Michael is exceptionally happy given special circumstances.

"I think it was a great birthday present for my dad," said Herring with a laugh. "It was his birthday today and I got the offer and saved him a couple of thousands of dollars."

Although excited about the offer, Herring didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall after he received it.

"I told him that I would think about it a little more and talk it over with my family," said Herring. "I'm really pumped about this offer and I'm really excited about it. I just want to go back home and think things over first before I make a final decision."

Herring thinks that a few offers from some other schools could be on the way.

"I'm planning on going to the Air Force camp and my coach said I would probably get offered if I go out there," said Herring. "I'll probably be getting offered by ASU here pretty soon. I'm an ASU fan and my dad is finishing up a dual masters at ASU. I would love to get an offer from them and have a friend who has an offer from them."

While BYU was the first to offer Herring a scholarship, one could surmise that if Arizona State offered him, BYU would have some tough competition.

"I might have a little decision to make, but as of right now it's all BYU," said Herring. "BYU doesn't focus just on football but they focus on character, life and helping their student athletes to success in sports and long after. BYU focuses on developing young men and women to be better people when they eventually leave the campus. That's hard to beat. Also, BYU supports me with my religious views of serving a mission. It just seems like the smarter option to go with BYU."

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