Herring makes quick decision

It didn't take long for Chandon Herring to make a decision after receiving his offer from BYU on Friday, which happened to be his father's birthday. Excited about the possibility of playing at BYU, Herring thought things over and called his father and wished him a happy birthday. He gave his father a very special birthday present by accepting the offer to play football at BYU.

Junior Day on Friday turned out to be a great day for Chandon Herring and his parents. Accompanied by his mother, Herring participated in drills and took in what the day had to offer. The exceptional day become more so when he was called into the office of Coach Mendenhall and was given a scholarship offer.

"Ever since my freshman year I went to the campus," said Herring. "I've always just loved it out there, the campus, the school, the environment and everything BYU has to offer. I love the football program and the values they have, so it's always been a dream of mine to one day play at BYU. Then getting the offer from Coach Mendenhall after Junior Day was really special to me."

Herring planned on returning home to Arizona to talk to his family about his BYU offer. Instead of waiting that long, an excited Herring called his father on Friday and let him know that he had a surprise for him.

"I thought about it and called my dad on the phone and we talked about it," Herring said. "We just decided that committing to BYU would be the best decision for me as far as choosing a school, so I didn't wait and decided to commit to Coach Mendenhall later that night."

With it being his father's birthday, Herring thought this would be a great birthday gift for him.

"My dad was jumping up and down," said Herring while laughing. "We were on the phone so I couldn't see him, but I could tell by his voice and could hear that he was jumping up and down. He was super excited. After he got excited he got mad at me because I didn't commit on the spot. My mom is also just super excited for me as well."

Herring had been anticipating a potential offer from both Arizona State and Air Force, but that was no longer important to him. Despite growing up an Arizona State fan, he chose to commit to BYU.

"BYU is better than those schools," Herring said. "BYU offers far more than those colleges by far. Coach Mendenhall, when he was talking to us, gave us a PowerPoint presentation where he laid it all out beautifully. He had it where one of the first bullet points was growing spiritually, academically, then athletically. So, at BYU they focus on your character as much if not more than football. They want you to succeed in all areas of life and not just on the football field."

The decision to commit to Coach Mendenhall was an easy one for Herring.

"I called Coach Mendenhall and he said, ‘Oh, how are you?' I just told him that I wanted to come up and play football for him up at BYU. We then talked about when he offered me the scholarship and we laughed because I was so nervous not expecting that at all. We laughed about that and it was a lot of fun talking to Coach Mendenhall. He was happy that I decided to commit to him."

In the meantime, Herring is going to continue to work on developing his athleticism while performing well in the classroom.

"My goals are to continue working to get faster and drop my forty time," he said. "I want to continue to get bigger and stronger while working on my academics so those things will be the least of my worries when I get to BYU."

With a BYU scholarship wrapped up, Herring knows the road he'll travel over the next seven or so years.

"I'm going to serve a mission right out of high school and then go to BYU. I'm just super excited and relieved," said Herring. "When anyone asks me what I'm going to do after high school, I can just tell them I have a football scholarship and I'm going to play football for BYU! It's just a wonderful opportunity for me to get a great education and play football all across the nation. It's the best of both worlds."

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