Seljaas receives offer from BYU

With one offer already on the table from Utah State, 6-foot-7-inch hybrid forward Zac Seljaas visited with Coach Rose on Tuesday. By the time the 2015 prospect from Bountiful High School product left Rose's office, he had an offer from the Cougars as well.

The past two days must have been very exciting for Zac Seljaas. On Monday he received his first offer, followed by a second on Tuesday.

"Well, I've been offered by two big-time Utah schools," said Seljaas on Wednesday. "It's great because all of this work has paid off. Utah State offered me on Monday and it's a good school. They've done well and I believe they'll be in the Mountain West Conference in July, which is cool. They're a pretty good team and always in the running.

"Then BYU offered me yesterday, and that's a great school academically and to play basketball. They have a lot of talent and it's good to get an offer from a school like that."

Seljaas had the opportunity on Tuesday to get to know Coach Rose during his visit.

"I was told that Coach Rose wanted to meet with me in his office, so I drove down there to talk with him," Seljaas said. "I kind of watched their guys scrimmage and I just sat by him and we talked. We then talked in his office for a while and kind of got to know each other a little bit. After that he said he would be honored to have me on the team. He just kind of said he was offering me."

Seljaas wasn't expecting to be offered by Rose.

"It was surprising," Seljaas said. "It really was. It was great to know that he had been watching me, and to know that I was being looked at by a great coach like him actually was great to know. He thinks I can be a great fit in his program."

After evaluating Seljaas, Scout recruiting analysis Josh Gershon had the following to say about the talented up-and-coming Bountiful product:

"A talented hybrid forward with a good frame and respectable length, Seljaas really knows how to play," Gershon said. "He competed on both ends of the court and made plays with his motor. Seljaas attacked the offensive glass and scored on putbacks, hit three-pointers off the catch, blocked shots in the paint, scored on a runner off the glass and showed good touch on a bank shot from about six feet out."

"I know the coaches like that I'm tall for my age and I can shoot and pass the ball when needed," said Seljaas. "I can play pretty much any position. I can find the mismatch on the court while being a team player and help my teammates score.

"I can come on the court starting out as a two or a three. Then when I find the opportunity, I can go down and post up against a guy down low. If I have a taller guy on me I can take him off the dribble and try to get to the rim. If not, then I can step back and shoot."

The multi-talented Seljaas put up some very good numbers during his sophomore season.

"I averaged like 16 points per game," he said. "I also averaged around seven rebounds and around five assists a game last season."

Over the summer Seljaas will be busy participating in multiple events.

"We just have tournaments coming up with my high school team, so we'll be doing team camps to California," Seljaas said. "Then my AUU team will be going to Milwaukee and then to Las Vegas to compete."

When asked to explain some of the qualities he likes in both BYU and Utah State, Seljaas said he likes how the programs fit his style of play.

"I like BYU and it's a pretty big school and is a college well known around here," Seljaas said. "It's just a nice school and more settled around most high school programs around here, so it fits my style of play and that makes it really nice. But, so is Utah State. There is a lot of great talent on BYU's team as well and they have a lot of talent coming into the program that's really good too.

"I just want to look at the school and see how I can [do] within the program and transition from high school to college. I just want to see how things are academically and what kind of a degree I can get out of it. Then move on from there."

As for whether he has a favorite between BYU and Utah State, Seljaas said, "Not really right now, and it's pretty even. It's just I have to decide and kind of move on."

Is there a timeline in which Seljaas plans on making a decision?

"I don't know yet," he said. "I'll just kind of play it by ear and see how it goes."

Seljaas is LDS and is mulling over whether he'll serve a mission.

"[Rose] said it was up to me either way, that if I wanted to go on a mission that would be fine," said Seljaas. "He also said that if I decide not to go, that would be fine too. He just said it was my decision."

Seljaas will be a junior in high school next year, so he'll have plenty of time to decide whether or not he'll serve.

"I actually haven't really thought about it that much," said Seljaas. "I've always wanted to serve a mission, but it's just up to how it all turns out in the end. Either way I'm just excited for the opportunity."

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