Suchesk among fastest at Junior Day

Speedy Southern California running back Alex Suchesk was on hand at Junior Day last week at BYU, running through drills and performing for the coaching staff. He enjoyed his time and loved the overall experience. He also mentioned that he was among the fastest running backs in attendance.

Mission Viejo High School running back Alex Suchesk is hearing from quite a few schools, including BYU, Kansas State, Princeton, Nevada, SDSU, UCLA, Boise State, Dartmouth, Lafayette, Air Force, Penn and Arizona State, just to name a few. Last week the speedy back was in Provo attending BYU's Junior Day, where he put his talents on display.

"I felt pretty good at the camp but I got in late the night before," said Suchesk. "I was feeling kind of tired but overall I felt pretty good. I got to meet all the coaches and that was great. I knew Coach Howell from before because he had come out to California to talk to me, but I got a chance to meet BYU's new running backs coach, Coach Atuaia. That was really cool and he's a really knowledgeable coach. He worked us extremely hard at the camp. Then I got a chance to meet Coach Mendenhall, which was really cool."

The running backs engaged in various drills and exercises that not only benefited the players, but gave the Cougar coaches additional information on the abilities of the camp attendees.

"At first they had us doing a lot of ball-security drills," said Suchesk. "Then they had us doing a lot of footwork stuff. I felt like I had the fastest footwork because that's something that I do all year round is speed and agility work to try and get faster. Then they had us do one-one-ones with the linebackers, and I made a lot of nice moves on the linebackers. They kept calling me back, saying, ‘Hey, challenge this guy or that guy.' It was pretty cool. There were some really good linebackers that were there and I think one of them was even Manti Te'o's cousin. He was a pretty good linebacker and it was fun going up against him."

All of the running backs were eventually gathered together while the coaches had them run the forty-yard dash.

"I think I was the fastest running back there at the camp because they had us run the forty and I beat everyone," said Suchesk. "They didn't time anyone but had everyone line up and run. I wish they would have timed it but they just had us pretty much race."

One running back in attendance was Centennial High School back Tre Watson, who has a BYU offer but has committed to Cal. Suchesk mentioned that Watson didn't participate but merely watched the camp participants run through some of the drills.

"Watson didn't actually do anything. He was just watching," said Suchesk. "I'm not sure how many but, yeah, there were a lot there. There were some other running backs that were pretty good there. I'm not sure where they were from."

Because of Watson's speed – he said he ran a 10.7 in the 100 meters – BYU coaches spoke to him about possibly being recruited as a defensive back. It's a proposition Suchesk isn't opposed to.

"They said that I did really great when I was talking to them," Suchesk said. "They said they really wanted to see me at defensive back and were supposed to come get me at some point during the camp, but they never came and got me and the whistle blew, ending the camp. They did talk to me about possibly offering me as a DB, but they don't have any slots right now, and they're still undecided about the running back spot right now I guess. They just told me they were going to watch me during my senior season.

"I actually played DB my whole life, so it's nothing new to me. I've played safety and cornerback since I was seven. It's a fun position, so I don't have any problems with that. It's a position I can if they need me to. I feel like I can play either position [running back or cornerback] on both sides of the ball."

There were a few highlights from Suchesk's time at Junior Day that stuck out to him.

"The thing that stood out to me the most during Junior Day was winning the forty," said Suchesk. "That was really cool. Also, seeing all the facilities that are there, that was really cool. They have really nice training facilities there and you can get all the training you need. That's something that I like because I like to train a lot at school and get some training outside of school, and BYU has great facilities for that. They have a great weight room, film and study room. They even have a machine to help train you for the specific position you play. That was really cool.

"I really like the school a lot and got a chance to tour the campus. I really like talking with Coach Mendenhall and learning more what the school is all about. Everything that was said and what the school stands for is very important to me."

Suchesk is LDS and is planning on serving a mission.

"I want to serve a mission but I'm not sure if it's before or after I play or after playing a year of college first," said Suchesk. "I just haven't sorted that out yet."

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