BYU gets 2015 middle linebacker commit

BYU just landed a commitment first an all-CIF Southwest Division middle linebacker and Sea View League Defensive Player of the Year, and he only just completed his sophomore year. On top of that, this was his first year of playing varsity football for Laguna Hills, so it's going to be very interesting to see what awaits over the next two years for this latest BYU commit.

Coming in at 6 feet 2 inches and 220 pounds, Will Sedgwick put up some very good numbers last year as a middle linebacker in the fray of Southern California competition. He recorded 120 total tackles, 48 unassisted, 72 assisted, three sacks, nine quarterback hurries, one forced fumble, one touchdown and two interceptions. What is even more eye-popping is he did so as a sophomore in his first year of playing varsity football.

"As a sophomore he was co-defensive player of the year for the Sea View League, which isn't bad for his first varsity season as a sophomore," said Laguna Hills head coach Bruce Ingalls. "To go out and receive that kind of reward and confirmation from the rest of the league along with a player from Tampa Valley, who had been a three-year varsity starter, is quite the accomplishment. He did an excellent job not only in terms of leading our team but also showing the rest of the league he can make plays."

At such a young age, Sedgwick has demonstrated a rare ability to read and make plays while staying disciplined.

"His ability to read blocking schemes and react to be in a position to make a play is unusual for a kid his age," said Coach Ingalls. "Most kids want to follow the ball rather than do what they're supposed to do. He can read plays really fast and not only figure out where the ball is going, but he can put himself in the right place at the right time to make the right play."

Sedgwick also gets it done off the field. In the weight room he can bench press 350 pounds and he also runs a 4.7 forty. He also reportedly has a 4.6 GPA and is an outstanding leader and example for his teammates.

"He's the role model you want the rest of the kids to follow," said Coach Ingalls. "He just does the right things at the right times and makes the right decisions. He's a high-moral young man and I think it helps our overall program. When you see kids doing things right physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, it has an effect on your entire program. I haven't told the rest of the kids in our program that Will has committed to BYU, but I will when they come back on Monday. He finished up at BYU yesterday [on Wednesday] and right now Will is at a church camp today and tomorrow but he'll come back on Monday. I'll share the news that he has committed to BYU with the rest of the team them."

Ingalls shoveled out nothing but high praise for Sedgwick, and also praised BYU.

"I think the other thing is – and we teach a lot of the right things here – but I think it speaks highly of itself when you get recruited by BYU and then get offered by BYU," Coach Ingalls said. "You know, a recruit to go there has to be a cut above the rest of the recruits throughout the country. To commit to BYU means you make a huge commitment to go to that school and play there.

"What is expected of a student athlete from a moral standpoint, most kids can't do. You have to abstain from alcohol, drugs, sexual relations, and do everything right by living a higher code of conduct up there. Then you add the high academic standards that are present on top of competing in a high-caliber football program, and sometimes that's difficult for some prospects to accept. I think it speaks volumes about Will, and from what I saw the recruits that go to BYU are a cut above everybody else in this country. They have to make some big-time commitments in their personal lives, in their educational lives and in their social lives just to go there."

The nation's top high school football players can attend any university based on the minimal required college entrance standards, but not every top college athlete can – nor will – be looked at and offered by BYU.

"BYU's standards and code of conduct is unlike any in this country including our academies, and you know how strict our academies can be, but I think BYU is just a cut above everybody else," Ingalls said. "To find the kind of player who is not only academically above the rest but morally above the rest is tough. BYU's recruiting is much different than, say, like a college like USC, but they're still expected to compete for a national championship at BYU every year. I just think it speaks volumes about Will and who he is as a person."

This upcoming season, Sedgwick will help Laguna Hills High School even more than before.

"Well, we believe he's the type of kid that can help us on both sides of the ball, and he'll probably play some fullback within the offense next season," Coach Ingalls said. "We have to be careful of not burning him out too much, but he'll probably play some fullback for us because that position suits who he is as a player. He's a rough and ready kid and he likes hitting and likes contact. His pad level is good and we think he can do some things for us.

"The challenge is to make sure we manage him wisely. We have to make sure we don't burn him out or put him in a position where he could risk injury. We have to monitor his progress, and I'm going to make a good job in doing that. I don't want him too tired to play at the level he is capable of playing at, so I'm going to be very focused and monitor that and I will do so."

Ingalls knows he has a talented prospect in his program, but is cautious about placing too much pressure on the shoulders of such a young but talented prodigy.

"Well, let's see where it takes him," said Coach Ingalls. "He's only started as a varsity football player this past year as a sophomore, and he was named the Sea View League MVP and player of the year. We're going to coach him up as best he can, but why put much pressure on what can potentially be an all-American high school blue chip player? Let's just say, ‘Go be a kid, do great on the field, do great in the classroom and let's see where it takes you. We know right now what school you're going to. You're going to one of the best credited colleges in the United States of America. You're going to play for one of the best head coaches in America, and that's Bronco Mendenhall, so you've got that going for you. So enjoy the next two years and let's see where that takes you.'"

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