Sedgwick talks BYU commitment

The third commitment of BYU's 2015 recruiting class, Will Sedgwick reached a goal he had set out to attain since the fourth grade. That goal was to become a BYU Cougar. After receiving an offer last month, it didn't take long for Sedgwick to commit.

It all started during the last week of BYU's summer camp. Laguna Hills sophomore linebacker Will Sedgwick came to BYU with a hard-hitting goal in mind.

"I went to the full-padded camp at the end of June," Sedgwick said. "I had never been to a full-padded camp before, so I wanted to show the coaches what I could do and that I could hit."

Sedgwick's performance must have caught the attention of the coaches. So, what exactly did he do to earn that coveted BYU scholarship?

"Yeah, I did well," he said. "I laid out a few guys, and so I definitely caught the attention of the coaches. They sort of knew me from before, but once I started doing some damage out there they just started thinking about offering me more."

It didn't take long for Sedgwick to assert his dominance on the field. He hit the ground running on the first day of camp.

"Yeah, it was on the first day of camp I really made an extra effort to show what I could do," he said. "I just went out there and started hitting as hard as I could. Then the rest of the camp went great as well like during the scrimmages and stuff like that."

The coach that worked with Sedgwick at BYU's camp was Coach Tidwell.

"I never actually met Coach Tidwell until the camp, but I really love that guy and think he's going to make me a better player," Sedgwick said. "At the camp he taught me a few things that will help me when I go and play on my high school team. He just had a lot to bring when it came to coaching me. I'm excited to have him as a coach."

After being coached and evaluated by Coach Tidwell, Sedgwick was called up to Coach Mendenhall's office.

"Oh my gosh! I kind of had an idea that I was going to get a scholarship after I was called into his office, because that sort of thing doesn't happen every day," Sedgwick said. "I knew that I did well during the week so it was a strong possibility. I had been praying a lot that day and was really nervous. In his office Coach Mendenhall plops back on his couch and started asking me about my family and why I love BYU. It kind of lightened the mood. Then he gave me a letter to read. It was hard for me to get through it because I was really emotional."

Sedgwick didn't need to finish reading the paper to know what he wanted to do.

"I committed as soon as I possibly could," Sedgwick said while laughing. "I finished reading the letter and said, ‘I'm in.' I was the only one there because my parents were back in California, but I didn't really need to talk it over with them."

As a rule of thumb, whenever a young prospect commits without the company of a parent, Coach Mendenhall asks them to talk it over with them to see if committing is the right thing to do.

"Yeah, he actually asked me if I wanted to talk it over with my parents," Sedgwick said with a chuckle. "I just told him that I already knew where I wanted to go. He just laughed."

With two years of high school football still left to play at Laguna Hills, Sedgwick could have taken his time and seen what other options opened up for him. However, he decided to get it over with and commit to BYU for a few reasons.

"The players there are people like me, people that are in the Church or have a similar faith as me," Sedgwick said. "So that's one reason why I want to be in a program like that. Second, my whole family has been there. It's kind of a family thing and I've grown up watching BYU my whole life. Also, both of my parents, all of my cousins have gone to BYU. My grandparents and my aunts and uncles have gone there also. Everyone has gone to college at BYU in my family."

Now that Sedgwick has committed to BYU, he'll have a three-story brightly lit neon sign hanging over his head as a beacon to other college programs. He's already received camp invites from Michigan, Oregon, Arizona and Harvard, to name a few. He should expect to receive some interest from other programs as the years unfold, but he's just happy it's now all over with.

"It's so great to not have to worry about things," Sedgwick said. "I've always wanted to play for BYU my whole life, so just having the opportunity to play there was a great thing for me."

Committing to play football at BYU will allow him to fulfill a dream he's had for many years.

"I had been working hard and set the goal to play at BYU since I was in the fourth grade," Sedgwick said. "I've been doing pushups and sit-ups every day without fail all the way up, so I think I had a head start over everyone else. I just have a really good work ethic and I'm at the gym a lot. I was a little ahead and so that's why I was able to do really well my sophomore year."

Interestingly enough, the only relative that didn't go to BYU. His grandfather Nicholas Markoff, who is on his mother's side of the family, attended the Naval Academy where he played with legendary football great Roger Staubach.

"He played fullback at the Naval Academy behind Roger Staubach, so that's kind of my football background," said Sedgwick. "My dad played basketball at high school, and then my uncle, my dad's brother, played basketball at BYU for one year. My dad's side of the family is more basketball, but my mom's side of the family is more football. I went the football route."

Sedgwick got to meet the former Dallas Cowboy star and two-time Super Bowl champion when he was younger.

"[My grandfather] loves Roger Staubach and they go to dinner together all the time," Sedgwick said. "He's a really cool guy and I met him when I was younger. He signed a picture for me. I think he's a pretty cool guy, but I haven't seen him in a long time."

Prior to his sophomore year, Sedgwick practiced as an outside linebacker in anticipation for the Laguna Hills varsity team. He was later moved to the middle and recorded 120 total tackles, three sacks, nine quarterback hurries and two interceptions.

"I just did what my instincts told me and just went in there and made some plays. I made first-team all-CIF and first-team defensive player of the Sea View League. Then later I found out that I made the first-team all-sophomore in the state of California."

After being named one of the top sophomore linebackers in the state of California, it's going to be tough for Sedgwick to top last season's performance. However, he's going to try, and he thinks he can do it.

"Well, for one thing I've gained a little weight and so I'm bigger but I'm also faster," he said. "Hopefully that will help me to do a little bit better, so it's going to be hard to top. I'm a physical guy and I'm determined. I can be big and fast and I can get there. I'm just aggressive on the field."

How big and strong is Sedgwick currently as he prepares for his junior year?

"I'm 6'2", 220 pounds," Sedgwick said. "I can bench press around 345 or 350 pounds right now. As far as squatting goes, I don't really do squats but like to do lighter weight. I can do like four or five plates around eight to 10 times. I clean but I don't know what my max is."

There is no doubt that Sedgwick has a lot of tools that have yet to be tapped. His potential and athletic ceiling are very high. He hopes to continue to grow over the next two seasons prior to signing with BYU with the goal of being among the best to play the Mike linebacker position.

"First of all I've been working a lot on my speed, so hopefully I can match or be a little faster than past linebackers at BYU," Sedgwick said. "What I think I bring to the field is just being that smart player. I have a 4.6 GPA, so I think I understand what's going on and that allows me to control the defense from the middle of the field, so I think that helps me along with being a physical player. I just want to be the best I can be because I know there have been a lot of great linebackers at BYU."

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