Sutton has visit set for BYU

Safety Cortland Sutton from Brenham High School in Texas currently plans on taking official visits to three out-of-state colleges. Although he doesn't have a dates set for his visits to Washington State or Colorado, he does have a date set for BYU.

Courtland Sutton has had a very busy summer engaged in various seven-on-seven tournaments with his high school teammates. Sutton claims that his performance during these tournaments has helped him promote his football abilities to a wider range of potential college recruiters.

"I've been mostly doing a lot of seven-on-seven and that's where most people have been seeing me," said Sutton. "We qualified for state and then we went to the state tourney. We got second in our pool and then we lost to some big 5A [team] in the championship. I think that's mostly where people have started seeing me, so, yeah, I've just been doing seven-on-seven and summer workouts."

Sutton has also been actively engaged in developing his speed over the summer. It's an effort that has apparently paid off.

"I've been working on my speed and that's one reason why a lot of schools haven't been looking at me," said Sutton. "Now I've gotten my speed down to a 4.5, so that's good."

To date, Sutton has six offers on the table: BYU, Washington State, Colorado, Tulsa, Rice and Texas State.

"BYU is still recruiting me really hard, and they've been wanting me to get up to their school and everything like that and see the town," said Sutton. "Then I got an offer from Washington State about, I would say, three or four weeks ago, so everything has been going good for me."

According to Sutton, he won't be taking any unofficial visits to out-of-state colleges. His plan is to take only official visits to colleges that are farther away.

He and his parents plan on visiting BYU when the Cougars host the Longhorns this season.

"BYU will be on September 7th, and Colorado wants me to come up as well," said Sutton. "Washington State also wants me to come up to check things out, so I'll probably just use my official visits to go out of state. That way it's not a financial burden on my family, so that's what I'm planning on doing. I don't have any dates set up for Washington State or Colorado at this time."

When the high school season starts, Sutton expects to play positions on both sides of the ball.

"I should be playing both ways next year. My coaches talk about moving me to d-end/outside backer for defense," said Sutton. "Then on offense I would play a flex tight end, so I'm pretty sure I'll be going both ways if I have somebody rotate in with me so I won't get too fatigued during the game."

And what position are colleges recruiting Sutton for?

"BYU was saying a defensive athlete or a wide receiver, but mostly a defensive athlete," he said. "Washington State and Colorado said they wanted me as a defensive athlete also. Rice wants me as anything, a playmaker really."

And what would he like to play at the next level?

"It doesn't really matter to me to be honest with you. I just like making plays," said Sutton. "Any position where I can make plays is fine with me. I've never played outside linebacker really that much, but they tried to rotate me in there at that position last season. The safety position is my main position. It's a position that I'm really comfortable playing in because I can make plays when the ball is in the air."

Sutton once mentioned that his top three schools were Colorado, BYU and Texas State. However, he said that is now not the case.

"No, some reporter just asked me and I just threw out some names," said Sutton. "I don't really have a distinct top three or top five or anything like that. It's just all pretty much in a bundle and about when I can go and check out the campuses and things like that. I don't want to make any rush with a decision without first seeing all the campuses. I don't want to put any limitations on myself and then go to a campus and I'm disappointed, so I'm not making any official decisions until I visit all the campuses and see the schools to better see how things are first before doing so."

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